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July 25, 2011 § 19 Comments

Top Done!

♥ I pushed on through over the weekend and finished the last section of my scrappy zig zag quilt top! Now I just need to decide how to quilt it.  Straight lines? Follow the zig zags? An all-over meander?  Oh, the decisions!

♦ Pondering if I should take a photo of Every. Single. Dear Jane block? Part of me wants to and the other half doesn’t really want to bother. And do I really need 225+ photos of dear, Dear Jane?

♣ We had 2 glorious days of summer over the weekend. In which I felt the need to appreciate in the hammock.  And now it is back to rain again.

♥ The hubby and I had an anniversary last week. Which we won’t really get to celebrate until next week. My, how those 18 years have flown by! I’m pretending we aren’t an old married couple just yet. Not until we’ve hit 20 years. At least!

♠ I’m in need of a break. A blogging break. A work break. A break from the routine.

♣ Be back in a couple of weeks or so. In the meantime… I’ve been wondering if there are any topics or questions you want me to blog about. I pretty much blog on a whim and at random.  I have intended to create a few more tutorials, but it might help me focus if you all gave me some suggestions.

§ 19 Responses to Tell me what you think?

  • Viv says:

    Enjoy your break Anita. Congratulations on your Anniversary, we’llhave been married for 18 years in January 🙂

    I’m not much help with suggestions on what to blog about. I do love your tutorials but can’t think of anything specific I’d like to see.

  • Billie K says:

    Yes you do want to take a picture of each DJ block you finish. Making all is a good goal, but not sure I’ll make it myself. I love looking at individual blocks. Instead of journaling my quilts I take pictures.

    Billie in TX

  • Michele says:

    That quilt top is swoon worthy! Congrats on your anniversary. I’ve moved into the old married couple stage (22 years this August), but it’s still fun. Well, most days! Blog about what moves you and what you think is fun. I enjoy inspiration from others.

  • Jane says:

    Happy anniversary, Anita! Beautiful colors in that quilt. Sorry, I have no suggestions or requests for blog posts. I think the way you do it is great. Enjoy your break and rest up!

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    I hope you have a great anniversary and break. I love your blog and your quilts. I’m always interested in color and how people pick and choose the colors and fabrics for their quilts. Another question, Do you buy fabric when you see something you like and how much do you buy or do you buy for a project in mind. I’m afraid i do more of the buy what I like and don’t always figure out a project for the lovely stuff!

  • Lisle says:

    Maybe take the DJ photos in chunks–5 or 10 to a photo. Or in groups of 9.

    I love the random blog method, as it keeps me entertained. Your colors are wonderful, and you have a great eye for presentation.

    20 years is where we are this year. It is a long time, and we are old married people. And I’m pretty sure I’m okay with both of those things.

  • nicolette says:

    Lovely zig zag colours! I love straight line quilting, but whatever you choose will be fine!
    Each Dear Jane block deserves a photo. You will be happy to have them documented.
    Happy Anniversary Anita!
    We are married twice that long… unbelievable he?!
    I love random posts and random blogging!
    Enjoy your break!

  • Liz says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Please send your cold weather and rain down here to Oklahoma. I think we are working on our 35th day of 100+ dry weather.But, that’s probably as unusual as Seattle’s cold summer. Could that be getting you down?

    I vote for taking pictures of the Jane blocks, either one at a time or in groups. Is it ok to start sewing the blocks together so you see the quilt grow over time or are the blocks supposed to be in a particular order?

    As for blogging – “blog without obligation” – it’s your journal. I like seeing your quilts, projects and your pictures. Since I enjoy the process, I also enjoy seeing how others decide on pattern, color, resolving problems.

    Enjoy the break and I hope you get some sunshine and summer.

  • Mona Keegan says:


    After a month in Colorado and 10 days in San Diego, I am back on the Gulf Coast of Texas and would love some of that wet and cold weather as well. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

    As to quilting the scrappy zig zag, I think the fabric is the show. How about in the ditch or just to the side of it? Don’t overwork it is my suggestions.

    As to the blogging – take that break. You will be re-energized and more creative in the long run. You do a great job. We will be happy to see you back and miss your great product in this blog, but we understand how draining this can be if you let it.

    If you really want some sun, I have an extra room and will be happy to share the sewing room with you. 🙂

  • DebbyMc says:

    Coming up on 34 years here in about 3 weeks…so, yep, we’re definitely old married people =-) I love that photo and want to see it opened up…in my house!! I love your blog as is…simple and random is best IMHO, at least for me, both in what I read and what I write…Enjoy your break and your anni celebration!! See you when you return =-)

  • Pratima says:

    A very Happy Anniversary, Anita!
    Congrats on finishing the top! Enjoy your blogging break. We’ll surely miss you! It is always inspiring to read about your thoughts and also following progress on your beautiful works 🙂
    Happy celebrations!

  • Annessa says:

    Hmmm, I love hearing your random thoughts in your posts. But, I could always use some more tips in machine quilting: choosing a design that augments the tops design, mechanics, etc.

    Enjoy your break! But, please, don’t go away forever!

  • hedwig says:

    Happy anniversary to you and your ‘hubby’ !
    How do you do it to finish your quilts so beautifull and fast I wonder.
    I will surely miss your blogs and love your tutorials on sewing, planning, choosing fabrics and paterns… `
    Would like to know how to make a lonestar hart or centre lie flat…

    And I love to hear about the weather and scenery on your side of the planet..
    Enjoy your break and ‘sip up’ lots of inspiration and idea’s !
    We’ll be watching ! And waiting ; )

  • Earline Egbert says:

    I just found your site and I’m blown away with your excellent work. Happy anniversary! How can I get a pattern for the Dresden Plate quilt?

  • Amanda A says:

    A blogging break – I’ll miss you! I like when zig zag quilts are quilted following the zig zag, but I’m much better at meandering, so that’s usually what I end up doing. See you after the break 🙂

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Happy anniversary Anita! My husband and I are celebrating 25 years in September…can’t believe it! But, I also thank God for blessing us with resilience and commitment to each other. It is such a wonderful thing to have a lifetime love :o)
    I really enjoy your blog, it is one of the few I look forward to reading each week. One thing I really like about your blog is that it does not seem to be a marketing tool used by companies. I don’t feel like there is some subliminal message going on like I do with a few blogs of others. I like how your blog topics just seem to flow with what it going on with you.
    I can say that you are great at making tutorials…I would love a tutorial on feathered stars :o) I’m trying to convice myself that I am good enough to make them.
    Blessings to you for a time of rest and refreshment!

  • valerie says:

    I would love it if you would do a tutorial for the composition notebook cover that you showed on April 14, 2008. Enjoy your break!

  • Liz says:

    Well, as a late “bloomer” (pun sort of not intended) I am in the middle of your medallion quilt along. Your instructions are great, easy to follow and you don’t assume I know something that I don’t! Any more tutorials or quilt-alongs that you feel like sharing would be a hit with me. Thanks for sharing your talents and time with the rest of us-Liz in Fall City

  • scrappy zig zag? sounds divine.

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