Summer Circus of Finishing

June 7, 2011 § 14 Comments

Liberated Wedding Ring blocks

Someone asked to see my 20 Liberated Wedding Ring blocks.  I layed them out on the blue dot to see if I still want to use that as the background filler fabric. I have no plans for this quilt ~ to keep or give away ~ so it has been low on my list.  But it also made me think about all of the partial quilt tops and unquilted tops that I have left to finish. So I’m declaring this the Summer of Finishing Stuff.  Anyone care to join me in a mad circus of finishing?  (I know some of you already keep track of your UFO’s and WIP’s so this is nothing new to you) But if I don’t have a deadline or a purpose for the quilt, then it often sits around for months and years on end.

Here’s my plan… “summer” is defined from now until Labor Day weekend in September. I pledge to try and finish as many projects as possible in that window of time. (Without going mad!)

quilt tops that need to be finished

These are some quilt tops that I would like to finish… and even possibly quilt. But I’m not committing to the quilting, just the finishing of the top.

quilts that need to be quilted

And these are quilt tops that need to be quilted. Wouldn’t it be nice to see these finished?

Let the marathon begin…

§ 14 Responses to Summer Circus of Finishing

  • supermom says:

    At the beginning of this year, I decided that 2011 was the year of getting things done. And recently I added a new page to my blog with the list of projects I’ve completed so far and what still needs to be done. So it’ll be fun to see what you and others are finishing this summer too.

  • nicolette says:

    Would love to join you, but already know I have too many commitments to make a real dent in my stash of unfinished projects. I will watch from the sideline and let you know when I’ve actually finished a thin or two.
    I’m looking forward to myour quilted medaillon quilt!!

  • susan says:

    i would love to see your quilt tops quilted. especially the lone star and your row10
    goodness you are going to have a busy summer
    thanks for posting your blocks. do you think you will use the dot? i like it!!

  • Annessa says:

    I’m in! I came to the same conclusion myself…when the budget is low, I’ve got too many projects that need finishing to justify buying more fabric anyway!

    By the way…love the blue dot as a background.

  • Amanda A says:

    I am also making it the summer of finishing UFO’s. My goal is to get each project as far as I have fabric for, so if I don’t have the backing I just leave it as a finished top. So far I finished a twin size and a baby quilt, and got another baby quilt top done (no backing) and another quilt done except the binding. I have so many projects started – we’re going to get a ton done!!

  • Mona Keegan says:

    Anita, SIGN ME UP! Will be home from vacation to start about June 20th. Begin by emptying closet, drawers and shelves in sewing room. Followed by creating inventory and dumping junk. Then reload, reorganize and create project list. The list is instead of all the guilty/quilty thoughts running through my head as it hits the pillow each night. Finally, get to work! Great idea that you are leading this. I really need it.

  • Kathy says:

    Yes please, it will be great to clear the decks a bit . The weather here is perfect for staying in and finishing off (and for me, no new things until your date in September is an extra pledge-I just cannot quite commit to no new fabric).

  • hedwig says:

    you are quite ambitious !
    i only hope to get one top done, my first one. But I can see some ‘small’ things lurking around the corner… What is this with (some beginning quilters) that makes them think there are more than 24 hours in a day ?

  • Katy says:

    I’m in. I need to get some of these half finished tops DONE!

  • pratima says:

    Anita, very motivating post and wants me to bring all those quilt tops and finish them. But I have to work on a present for a friend( yes, another new project!) and haven’t even started yet! Good luck with yours!
    I love your quilt-alongs but have been busy with lot of other things to participate. For now, I’m enjoying watching your progress 🙂

  • Ann Marie says:

    Love the blue dots.
    I may have too many UFO’s to photograph them all let alone make a dent in the finishing before the summer is over, but worth a try.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Back in the wee hours of Spring I had decided that I was not going to begin new projects, but instead finish some of the 8 or more that I already have begun. I also declaired I was not going to buy any more fabric and try to work from my stash. And yet, just in the last two weeks I find myself with two new quilts begun and somehow I managed to scrounge around on the Internet and buy a fat quarter set for almost an entire line of fabric in each of it’s colorways…how does this happen?? I am going to try and join you…maybe I need the accountablity!

  • amandajean says:

    I am in, too! what a great push for the summer!

    just last evening i quilted up a baby quilt. it felt good to see progress! why don’t i do that more? LOL!

    happy finishing!

  • isabel says:

    Go, go, were we are supporting this creative work!

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