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May 15, 2011 § 42 Comments

The Sherbet Pips Gang

We made a mad dash to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this week and were back home again by Saturday afternoon.  I really enjoyed Quilt Market this year. Maybe because it was beautiful & sunny in Salt Lake City?  Or maybe because the four of us had such a good time together?  Or maybe because we got to spend more time meeting and talking to people along the way?  Let’s see if I can remember all that we did during our whirlwind trip.

Photo Booth Fun

~ Aneela Hoey was in her booth giving away Sherbet Pips rub-on tattoos. I think we might be the new Sherbet Pips Gang.

~ I bumped into the fabulous finger-stache Katy while standing in a book signing line.  I hope didn’t scare you, Katy!!

~ We LOVED Amanda’s (The Quilted Fish) schoolhouse presentation and can’t wait for her bunting panel to be released. I can’t find any link reference to the fabric at the moment.  But it will be cool. Trust me.

~ Susan (of the famous Red Medallion Quilt) and I got a chance to talk for quite some time. I think she might be my new best friend at the moment. (No offense to all my other best friends!)

~ Sue Spargo encouraged me to not feel so overwhelmed about her class at Sister’s Oregon that I am taking this summer. Whew!  I’m still a little nervous, though.

~ Lila Tueller’s schoolhouse presentation covered tips on sewing with laminate.  I have a little in my stash and I’m more than a little excited to finally dig in an make something. Not that I wasn’t before… but some of her tips were great!  I’ll tell you more when when I get around to sewing with it.

~We heard on the news while in our hotel room that women our age should not be wearing leggings, but Anna Maria Horner’s adorable daughter who is a fashion design student assured us leggings are timeless and all ages should feel free to wear them!  I guess I won’t have to throw out my leggings just yet

I’m terrible at taking pictures at these things, so this is all you’re going to get from me. Our freshly applied tats and photo booth fun.  But I did bring back a few things to give away.

Goodies for You!

~ 3 Times a Charm booklet by Me & My Sister Designs

~ Button & Ribbon packet by Riley Blake Designs

~ Composition Covers pattern (with fabric) by Indygo Junction

~ Three 2 1/2″ charm packs – Ruby by Bonnie and Camille, Northcote Range by Cabbages & Roses, and Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda

Add a comment about something market related and I will draw 4 names… one  for each item I have to give away.

§ 42 Responses to Quilt Market Gang Members

  • Those Sherbet Pips tatoos you four “girls” got are just the cutest. Are any of you going to make them permanent?

  • Kari says:

    Your post makes me ponder, what quilt or fabric motif would I get as a tattoo? Maybe a big Amy Butler or Heather Bailey flower.

    I wish I could be there with you. It looks like a lot of fun and so much inspiration!

  • Susan says:

    sounds like you had a wonderful time. one of these days you will bump into me there i hope!! the tattooes are such a cute idea.
    are they actually selling the 2.5″ charms now?? because they are too stinking adorable

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    Great pictures and updates. Can’t wait to see what else you learned in your projects. Thanks, MJ

  • jane says:

    A bunch of quilt toughs, huh? Wish I could go to a market some time. Thanks for sharing about it.

  • Anita says:

    Quilt market looks like it is such a fun time. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  • DianeY says:

    I hope Lila will share her laminate tips on her blog-I’m itching to try some!

  • jodi meenan says:

    It looks like so much fun! Wish I was there – maybe next time. Would love to meet all that talent!

  • Julianne Brooks says:

    My sisters made it to market this year without me. Happy for them, sad for me. Thanks for sharing!

  • I can’t wait to see all of the new inspiration that comes from market!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nichole says:

    Those tattoos are a riot! I love them and your photo booth pictures. Thanks for the glimpse into what is going on and also for the chance to win some market goodies!

  • Sarah W says:

    I love seeing the pictures. It helps me get the quilt fix just to hear about what’s going on and I guess I save a lot by not buying a plane ticket. Thanks for the chance to win some quilty things.

  • Viv says:

    Oh it looks like you had a fab time at market !! I’m so jealous of all the fantastic people you got to hang out with.

    I love all the fab blog posts when market is on, and all the previews of new lines coming out.

  • Trisha says:

    I am loving all the Market news around blogland. I would love to have gone because Market looks awesome but also because Utah is where I went to college and fell in love with the man of my dreams and where I had my daughter. It holds a special place in my heart and I miss my friends that still live there. So happy for you that you got to go and that you had such a great time!

  • Regina says:

    Love the tats!! Quilting with laminate? that sounds interesting – can’t wait to hear more about that. The eye candy I have been seeing from market is DELISH – can’t understand how you could take it all in without your heads exploding! Wish we could ALL go!!!!

  • texasmyra says:

    How fun, I have never been to a market, even Houston and I am from Houston and we live 3 hours away now. Maybe this fall… How old is too old for leggings, may I ask? I still wear them and I am 43. For me the key is a top long enough to cover the hips and don’t try to look 20 in them.

  • deb says:

    I always feel a bit guilty commenting on your blog because I haven’t finished my flying geese quilt yet. It is coming up the to-do list though. Surely we can’t be too old for leggings, they are the best thing ever!

  • Rachel says:

    Awww…it looks like you had such fun at Market! I can only imagine the trouble you girls could get into haha. Love your tattoos 🙂

    How far is it to SLC from where you live? I guess I have this weird idea that it’s cheap and easy to travel within the U.S. (unlike coming from Canada).

  • pam w says:

    love those tattoos too cute

  • Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing photos of Quilt Market!
    Enjoyed each one!
    Thanks for sharing a neat Giveaway!

  • Ellen Ban says:

    Wish I’d been at market…thanks for “sharing” the market experience with us!

  • Jan Komancheck says:

    Now that’s a gang to be in! Enjoyed your posting about
    the market; thanks for sharing.

  • Tora Consolo says:

    Oh, how fun to win, almost like being there!

  • Audrey says:

    It sounds like you had a blast! I am looking forward to hearing your tips on sewing with laminate. I have some that I have been afraid of cutting into!

  • Billie K says:

    This little piggie went to market….grin. Love the tatoos

  • Jacy says:

    I’m so jealous that you got to go to quilt market! Can’t wait to hear about all the fun that went on there!
    jacy468 at aim dot com

  • Karen says:

    Since I will probably never attend a market, it’s so much fun to hear and see all the fun!!

  • Alexis says:

    I have seriously considered getting a fabric tat… I love seeing your momentary ones! Looks like you had a super fun trip to market!

  • Jan says:

    I envy everyone who gets to go to quilt market! I imagine that it could be kind of stimulus overload, though, so I think I am better off soaking it in second hand! Would love to win some market goodies! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tina says:

    Looks like you ladies had such a fun time! I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

  • montse says:

    Those tatoos are awesome and can’t wait to see the Tula Pink new fabric line that she showed at the market IRL!

  • Renee E. says:

    I think the market sounds like it was fun. fabrics are pretty charms are cute and I love books too. More pictures please!

  • janet says:

    I keep hearing about all the cool new fabric and it’s so hard to wait for it. But, don’t stop telling us about your market experience.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Mona Keegan says:

    The tats are wonderful. May have to get one myself. And, I am SO RELIEVED about the leggings! As a retired lady quilting at home, I find them a decent daily uniform as close to pajamas as I can get. Not saying I look like a model of fashion in them, but I can get through the day.

  • amandajean says:

    glad you had fun at quilt market! i love your photo booth photos. 🙂

  • Amanda A says:

    I would love to have the cute little goldfish in bags as a tatoo! And, I think that leggings are okay!! 🙂

  • Wendy Close says:

    Love the charm packets. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jeannie says:

    Love the tats! I am so tired of what “women of a certain age can’t wear/do”! I can’t wait for the authors of the list to become my age and realize how wrong they were. LOL! Give up my leggings and long hair? I don’t think so!!!

  • Lisle says:

    I used to live in Salt Lake! I’m so glad the weather was good for you! I love the tattoos, and I’m not wearing leggings (not because of my age, mind you, but because of the legs they’d have to cover…)

    Looks like a good time!

  • Laura tawney says:

    How fun! I would love to met Aneela Hoey as I’m a big fan of hers. Looks like you all had fun. I was in Salt Lake City the week before for HMQS and wanted to stay for market.
    Laura T

  • Sharon says:

    I wish I had been there to enjoy all the fun! You are giving away some lovely things from my favorite designers!

  • Stina says:

    MArket… ah HOW I WISH I COULD have BEEN there!!!! But … NOT… I will have to start saving my money and make the trip of my life… and see it IRL…;O) Living inSweden is a bit far far away from the excitement!! :o)

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