The Dear Jane Software

May 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

Dear Jane screenshot

I get asked fairly often where did I get the icon in my sidebar that keeps track of my Dear Jane progress.  This is how I do it:

I have the Dear Jane software from Electric Quilt.  The screenshot above shows what my project looks like.  I color the blocks as I make them. Then I export an image of my quilt and save it to my computer.  It only exports in bitmap format so I then open it in Photoshop and convert it to .jpg and save it to a smaller web size.

I love the software because I can print out each template as I need them.  Actually, I print to .pdf and safe it on my computer in case I ever need to go back to that template.  Poor Jane has been neglected.  At the rate I’m going I’ll be 100 before I ever finish this quilt.  I really need to spend some time with Jane this summer.  There have been too many distractions over the last few months.

§ 3 Responses to The Dear Jane Software

  • Karen Beigh says:

    I wondered about how you could keep track on a DJ diagram of the blocks you made. Thanks for the info.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Maybe you could find a pretty little bag and carry the makings for a block around with you. You may find time here and there to work on a block. I keep my crocheting in a bag in my car and I’m amazed at how often I get to work on it while I am waiting someplace.

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Maybe this coming winter I will do more hand quilting on mine. Have no worries about when you finish…I started mine when the book was just published…1997, I believe…=-)

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