Success & Failure

April 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

"Pinked" at the halfway mark


~ Once I switched to Addi Turbo Lace needles, these socks seemed start flying along. For a month now, I’ve been trying to knit this sock and it felt so painfully hard.  And it was coming out a little tight on my 2.25mm Hiya Hiya needles. So I finally broke down and bought a 2.5mm Addi Lace needle. Why oh why didn’t I try these needles earlier??  They make fairisle knitting so much more enjoyable!  And I have been faithfully knitting along on this sock in the evenings. I just might get both socks done by the end of May yet.

~ Well, this one could fall under both the success & failure category. But I’m counting it as mostly success…  Success that we didn’t give up and that it mostly works.  I am nearly done with my horrible Civil War quilt blocks that we have been making at work over the last year.  I’m not going to tell you the pattern because it has been a nasty bugger to work with and I don’t want you to face the same challenges we have been having. But I am happy to have completed the last block and now be able to sew the top together.  I think it will look better than all the trouble it has caused. Maybe I’ll snap a pic of the finished quilt before I donate it to a good cause.

~ I’ve got two UFO quilt tops ready to quilt!!

~ I heard that the bride loved her quilt!!

~ I actually made it to the gym this morning and it didn’t kill me!

It's supposed to look like asparagus.


~ My asparagus looks like poo.  Our challenge this month in my Flickr quilting bee is vegetables.  I think I may have to find a different vegetable to sew.  What a waste of a perfectly fine background fabric.

~ One of the trees we planted last year to cover up our neighbors horrible eyesore deck has died. I need to go buy another one to replace it.

~ I haven’t been exercising much since January for various reasons and it is depressing how quickly all strength and stamina is lost.

Don’t let the failures drag you down.  And enjoy the successes. I hope your weekend is filled with more success than failure!

§ 12 Responses to Success & Failure

  • jodi meenan says:

    Looks like asparagus to me – cute! And you poor thing with THAT next door! I sometimes wonder what my neighbors see, though, when they look at my yard from over yonder! Ha! (I should really consider that very thought for real!)

  • nicolette says:

    Maybe making some broccoli will cheer you up? I love your asparagus!

  • Love the socks and your color choice!

  • aracne says:

    The sock is beautiful, I like the colours and the pattern.
    Frankly, I do not know how the bride could not like the quilt, it is a true piece of art.
    I also like your asparagus, the fabrics are pretty and I guess that you had to get inspired from vegetables and not copy them, isn’t it?

  • Amanda A says:

    I like the asparagus!!

  • Sheila says:

    Oh, my! I’m pretty tolerant, but that ‘deck’… looks like one of the places where they eventually find bodies, or kidnapped young women after 20 years. No code violations there??

    Love your wedding hexagon quilt… one of the prettiest I’ve seen!

  • Susan says:

    such wonderful successes! those socks are gorgeous. its funny how much resistance we can put up only to find we should have done it much earlier
    sorry those civil war blocks were such a bugger. would love to see pix tho
    i really like your asparagus, and if you are even half way tempted, i would love it if you sent it to me. i would love to.finish it up and put it on my wee wall of specials with my mugrugs from you.

  • pratima says:

    It’s wonderful that your friend loved her wedding quilt! Asparagus is cute 🙂

  • Ann Marie says:

    I wouldn’t say failure. I thought it was cool. Loved the fabric combo. Didn’t think it was asparagus, but once I read that I could see it. Make another veg if it bothers you, but don’t sweat the asparagus. It may be destined for other things.

  • kathie says:

    love the oatmeal color yarn your using for the sock, wow! That is great she loved the quilt, but we KNEW she would, its a beautiful quilt.
    ok the asparagus if you use it in a quilt of pieced veges it will work! It does look like asparagus but not sure I would have said that without you telling me!

  • Robin says:

    I’m wild about this sock! On today’s list ~ dive through the Interweave mags to find the pattern! Lookin’ good 🙂

  • I really like your sock! I’m working on learning fairisle with a hat project, so it’s nice to see what you’re doing with the technique!

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