Soul Quilting

April 19, 2011 § 13 Comments


The sun is shining. I got to sew with a new/old group of friends today.  And my Scrappy Zig Zag quilt is half done! What could be better?

Today, I was gently and graciously initiated into a group of ladies that meet twice a month to quilt, sew, knit, or even upholster chairs.  I am so excited to have someone to quilt with!  I am so used to solitaire sewing at home.  I tend to bounce around doing a million different things while I am at home. Laundry, cleaning, quilting, the Internet….  But today I spent 4 hours just sewing and finished the first half of my Scrappy Zig Zag quilt. Did you hear me squeal?


We also got to see an amazing movie last weekend with some friends, Soul Surfer. If you have a chance to see this… GO!  It’s a true story about a surfer who looses her arm in a shark attack and her amazing comeback as a surfer.  As some of our friends say… “you will get in touch with your emotions.”  I can’t stop thinking about it.

Oops! The camera focused in on the bird feeder

Out of curiosity I went to look up more about this story on the Internet. And I read that the term “Soul Surfer” was coined in the 70’s to describe a talented surfer who surfs for the pure pleasure of it.  I’m thinking there are some Soul Quilters out there too.  (It makes me want to put on some bell-bottoms and say “peace, baby.”) It’s not the notoriety or the income, but the joy of pairing color and fabrics and making something useful. I think that’s why scrap quilts are so satisfying!

§ 13 Responses to Soul Quilting

  • craftydill says:

    your quilt is breath-taking! can’t wait to see it finished -michelle

  • Erin says:

    I would have to agree with you about the soul quilter thing.There’s nothing like sitting and piecing and thinking. Laying in bed thinking about colors and patterns and pieces. It is really satisfying using scraps to make something beautiful. Your zig-zags are looking great!

  • Erin says:

    That is one drop dead gorgeous half made quilt top! I can’t wait to see it completed. Scrap quilts are the BEST. =)

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh ooooooh! de-LISH-ious! =-) And I really love the switch in direction there in the center. I want this =-)

  • nicolette says:

    Love the idea of soul quilters! Your quilt will be stunning, your scraps are beyond beautiful!

  • quiltfever says:

    I like the change of direction too. Soul Quilters–love it!

  • Mona Keegan says:

    Beautiful quilt, Anita. I totally understand the distractions of home sewing. I am always multi-tasking. Next Monday I head to a 3 and 1/2 day retreat with guild buddies. Will be a focused time – feeling very selfish for doing it. But know that it will be fruitful. Have a great day today!

  • Pratima says:

    Your scrap quilts are incredibly fun and fabulous. You always come up with beautiful settings. The idea of Soul quilting is wonderful!

  • isabel says:

    That’s it, absolutely! Only this soul quilting expalain my pleny wip quilting projects!
    Charming this zig…

  • Alexis says:

    Your quilt is a knockout! Now I want to start one too! I saw the preview for that movie, it looked amazing. Thanks for the great inspirational post!

  • Jeannie says:

    Love your zigzag quilt! Spending time with like minded friends is the best! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    What a great post Anita! It sounds like you found a great group to quilt with :o) Takes me back to your post at the beginning of the year where you were searching for some meaning behind your quilting. Love this scrappy zigzag quilt…it is so cheerful!

  • Amanda Hagee says:

    LOVE the quilt – the not quite focused picture is my FAVORITE. I love that this is how you see them in real life, not TOO focused, but with a lot of detail.
    I believe that there are MANY soul quilters out there. Thinking I am one of them.
    I’m really glad I found your site, encouraged me to dig in my quilting boxes for old WIP & I found my DJ book that I’d thought I’d lost a few years ago. Now I just have to get to storage & find the box with the CW Repros in it & get back to working on it. (I’d put iot away until I’d saved enough to buy the software since I thought the book was gone.) THANK YOU!!

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