Scrappy Saturday

April 2, 2011 § 19 Comments

Scrappy Zig Zag Value Quilt

That’s 200 half-square triangles so far. I think I’m going to have to sew this quilt in sections. I want it to be big enough for our queen-size-extra-deep-mattress bed.  It’s good to take progress photos because I can see where I’d like to move around a few squares.

The Hexagon Tile quilt is finished, bound, washed and just needing a label before it can be given away to my friend who is getting married next weekend. I’ve been wanting to show it to you but it’s been raining for days.  I missed a few short dry minutes this morning because my helper hubby wasn’t around to hold up the quilt off of the wet grass.  Maybe tomorrow will be dryer?

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I mopped the kitchen floor this morning.

§ 19 Responses to Scrappy Saturday

  • nicolette says:

    Those HST’s look so awesome!

    We had a wonderful day of Spring/Summer wheather, 22oC. I didn’t mop the kitchen floor, we made a trip to the garden center, tilled the garden pots and started cleaning the garden furniture.
    Unfortunitely tomorrow will be a rainy day. Time for some quality stitching!

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Hahaha! Good for you, mopping the floor =-) OHMYGOSH! The HSTs are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the colors…Gee, You wanna make another one???Hahaha! Beautiful, simply beautiful. =-)

  • Anita says:


  • Penny G says:

    Hope tomorrow is dry enough to get a good picture.

  • Suzie says:

    Your quilt is coming along beautifully! Did you notice that you reversed the zig zag pattern on the last few vertical rows?

  • Annessa says:

    Anita, it is absolutely gorgeous! I got into quilting because it gives me the opportunity to be frugal and use up little bits of favorite fabrics. You’ve done a beautiful job. I have a couple questions when you get a chance. 1) I’ve been wondering, what color/name paint is on your studio walls – I love it! It seems soothing and pretty, but goes with everything! 2)I’d love to learn how you’re going to quilt it in sections. I don’t have a big quilting machine and have to make do with my regular throated sewing machine. It makes big projects a bear to wrestle. Any tips or tutorials you can point me to?

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    FABULOUS!!! You have such an eye for color. Sorry you have so much rain, I have so much snow trying to melt. MJ

  • Meredith says:

    It has been raining here. I have been busy working away. (wink) I just wanted to stop and say hi! Also I like the direction this is going. The brightness and the color choices. It sings. As have many other items you have made. I have been reading your blog but again fell back into not commenting.

  • Rachel says:

    Looking good, Anita! I love the scrappiness of this quilt. It makes me want to take out all my (now-organized) pieces and make something pretty and colourful like your quilt.

    Your new profile photo is cute!

  • Alexis says:

    Oh my gosh, it looks great! That is a lot of HSTs fast. I am hoping for drier weather too- although the rain is conducive to more sewing time!

  • lily boot says:

    well there’s no doubt you can stitch a beautiful triangle or two! This is gorgeous – you have a lovely eye Anita and your work always makes me smile.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Having a design wall is like having changable art in your room isn’t it :o) I imagine your sewing room is really energized right now with all of this colorful goodness on the wall. Someday I hope to have a wall to hang my WIP on…I think it would make it so much easier to get into it. I have to fold mine up and put it away at the end of each sewing session.

  • Alexandra says:

    Awesome quilt Anita, I recognise a lot of the same scraps in my bag too!!! Excellent use of scraps and fun idea…it is the placement of colour that keeps the eye roaming across the quilt, very Kaffe Fasset in affect.
    Anxious to see the hexagons too.

  • amandajean says:

    oh, goodness, Anita. this is amazing!!!

    taking a photo also helps when you are sewing pieces together and you forget where they were. i may have done that a time or ten.

  • Judith Blinkenberg says:

    Another absolutly beautiful quilt! Your colors are wonderful. I would love to do something like this. Is there a simple pattern to it? Just wonderful!

  • Linda says:

    Oh, my goodness, it is beautiful! So bright and vibrant! You have such a great eye for color!

  • susan says:

    is this the quilt you are using the charms we are swapping for? its lovely.
    dont you miss country home, sigh.

  • kathie says:

    just beautiful , similar to Lee anns but I can see your color choices coming in…of course mine will have lots of red in it and will be in repros’
    its going to be fun to see it come together…thanks for sharing

  • Pratima says:

    Wonderful colors! It is going to be a bright and cheerful quilt.

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