Stash Sock Club

February 7, 2011 § 7 Comments

Diagonal Lace Socks

Trisha, over at TLC Stitches, and I have been emailing each other about our sock knitting. Turns out both of us have WAY too much sock yarn and need to work on reducing our stash.  Or at the very least, justify the need to buy more sock yarn by using up what we have.  Shhhh, don’t tell the hubby I said that!

We decided that the first pair we are going to knit are the Diagonal Lace Socks in the book Socks From the Toe UP by Wendy Johnson.  This is actually a good choice for me because I have only made one pair of toe up socks and I’m not all that thrilled with the way the toe stitches were increased. Plus, I really want to learn how to make different types of heels as well.

Wanna join us? You can knit along on the same pattern… or choose another one and just follow our time frame for finishing socks.  Most likely we will be starting a new sock every other month.  We are starting right away on these Diagonal Lace Socks, so pick up your needles, choose your yarn and let’s go!

EDIT TO ADD: The pattern is also available as a free preview of the book on Wendy’s blog.  Ravelry link here.

Sock Yarn Stash

This is a confession of sorts. Most of my yarn is stored in old suitcases and this is the sock yarn stash. It overflows a wee bit into another suitcase. I know there are probably bigger stashes out there. But this one will surely keep me busy for months!

My hubby gives me a hard time about all the yarn stashed away in these suitcases.  Mainly, because we used to store movies in them and when we got a cabinet for the TV I moved all the movies over to the cabinet and my yarn into the suitcases. So, one day when he was home and I was gone, he wanted to watch a movie and started opening the suitcases. To his surprise… YARN.  And as he opened the next suitcase… more yarn!  It’s created an indelible image in his head. Now he thinks I have WAY too much yarn all because the movies were moved without his knowledge.

Scrap Sock Yarn

This is the scrap sock yarn suitcase. I really should swap the contents of these two because the sock yarn stash takes up more room yet is in the smaller suitcase.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use up some of this too?  While I have made a couple of pairs of scrappy socks… and I do want to make more of these tiny socks for an advent garland… I really need to do more!

§ 7 Responses to Stash Sock Club

  • Tora Consolo says:

    Count me in Anita – I’m just finishing up sock #1 of a pair from that book. It’s the Van Dyke pattern on page 114. I’ve decided to never have another pair of matching socks again. I get too bored repeating the same pattern and there are WAY too many sock paterns out there to waste my time doing them twice. So…the second sock in this yarn will be? I have no clue! But this sounds like fun

  • Alexis says:

    Your yarn stash in the suitcase is beautiful… I am totally cracking up about your hubby looking for movies and finding yarn! And more yarn! If I ever finish the pair of kids socks I am knitting now, I would love to join you guys. I want to knit some socks for me!

  • isabel says:

    Waw, that’s awesome! What a fabulous tresor that Gary found in the boxes!!!
    I’m using my scrappy on those miny socks too.
    About the knit along, may I join you ladies? May you share the pattern, Anita?

  • Susan says:

    Oh anita! The thought of your hubby opening those suitcases made me giggle so hard. What he must have thought!!
    Those socks will be lovely.

  • Tami says:

    Count me in Anita. I’m currently working on the 2nd sock of the Java pattern from the current Knitty. The change in the gusset was interesting. The toe was uncomfortable to me though so I ripped it out and relied on the traditional decrease and kitchner stitch

  • Tami says:

    Have you guys started the sock yet? Are you going to post stats like start/plan to end date?
    Wasn’t today beautiful???!!!!! Ended up working outside for hours and hours. Can’t wait to plant bulbs and seeds.

  • Lynn says:

    I love the idea of using a suitcase to store yarn in. I’m using an old suitcase from my aunt to store old photos in. They are just so pretty to look at too. And I love your sock stash too. VERY pretty colors! LOL abt the dh. Yep, what a way to give up the stash amt!!

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