2 – Anatomy of a skier

December 23, 2010 § 3 Comments


We had a great time skiing!  But all of the gear and extra stuff that we put in our pockets sometimes makes me laugh.  And it inspired me to diagram the anatomy of a skier.

Helmet – we got new helmets this year to protect our noggins from the crazy snowboarders.  We have heard so many stories from people that have been hit by snowboarders. One women we talked to last year had to have eye surgery after a bad crash. Luckily she came out fine!

RFID lift card in my sleeve pocket – new to our local ski area a couple of years ago.  We can load it over the Internet and then head straight to the chair lift without having to stand in line to purchase a lift ticket.

Water bottle in my left pocket – actually a reused Odwalla juice bottle. I fill it with juice at home and then refill it with water throughout the day.

Energy bar & glove liners in my right pocket – we are into Luna Bars at the moment, and glove liners in case my fingers get too cold.  Think layers!

Kleenix, lip balm, ID, credit card & cell phone – all of the essentials – in my upper chest pocket.

And then the usual gear – base insulating top and bottom layer, fleece shirt/pants (or exercise pants) followed by water proof pants, ski jacket, gloves, goggles…

Whew! Did I forget anything?  I think we are now ready to go skiing.

§ 3 Responses to 2 – Anatomy of a skier

  • Anita,
    Love the Anatomy of a Skier photo and description!! Thanks, Cherrie

  • jessie says:

    Love it! I am finally going to grace Stevens with my presence for the first time in over fifteen years (I think!) … I learned to ski last year in Wisconsin. Start small and get bigger, yes? Where do you guys ski?

  • Jeannie says:

    I would need a pillow duct taped to my nether region. It has been 20+ years since I graced the slopes. I miss it. There is no greater feeling than being on a trail with 2 boards attached to your feet. Love the anatomy of a skier. I see some silk screened shirts in your future! Wishing you a joyfilled and creative new year!

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