22 – A Pile of Christmas UFO’s

December 3, 2010 § 11 Comments

perpetually unfinished

Please tell me I’m not the only one that starts Christmas projects in December and then never finishes them!  I dug out 3 UFO’s from the bottom of the pile today that never seem to get finished.  Maybe this year? I really do want to finish them and use them!

§ 11 Responses to 22 – A Pile of Christmas UFO’s

  • Erin says:

    oh yeah, have a few. I have the cutest advent calendar but it’s been sitting for 2 years. Maybe someday. I love the little logs next to your machine.

  • You are not alone. I have a few Christmas ufo’s myself. And always want to make things for Christmas the week before it arrives.

  • Karen Beigh says:

    Oh, me too! The enthusiasm grabs you, you start, then run out of time for completion. There is always next year.

  • Jan says:

    Believe me, you’re part of a big group out here! I’m feeling regretful about a few projects I had wanted to finish for this year and didn’t. And probably won’t. But I am moving them closer to the finish line! Yay!

  • Sandie says:

    I blogged about exactly this on Sunday, so you’re certainly not alone – and I didn’t even mention the holiday projects I’ve bought materials for but not started!

    Luckily, Christmas never goes out of style!

  • amandajean says:

    “of the previous decade” LOL!

    yes, i have old christmas wips. pillows from last year. how hard is it to decide on a binding color and then add a backing to them? shoot, maybe i just skip the binding and only do an envelope backing. it would be nice to get them out of the closet and onto the couch!

    good luck with your wips!

  • Julie says:

    I have my own pile of christmasy yo yos from last year, so you are not alone 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    I vote for which ever project you can get done the fastest! 🙂

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Nope, not the only one =-) I have a quilt that I drag out every year and put a few quilting stitches in during the season. At least it looks Christmasy sitting around and eventually I suppose it will get done…

  • Haha, nope you are definitely not alone! I always have the best of intentions, but it takes me a year or more to finish them too. 😉 Have a happy day!

  • Pratima says:

    I fell in love with your red and white quilt when you wrote about it last time. It is going to be a beautiful Christmas quilt when it’s done. I do have some ornaments that I started two seasons ago waiting to see the day light :-\

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