24 – Advent & How many days is it ’til Christmas?

December 1, 2010 § 4 Comments

It's beginning to look a little bit like Christmas

A couple of years ago I had this grand idea that I would make an advent calendar*.  It was going to be miniature knitted hats & mittens & stockings.  It never became a reality that year.  And so I did a bloggy count down to Christmas instead.  I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t made an advent calendar.  The yarn is still in it’s basket. But I think I may make a real hat, instead of a mini hat, out of the red yarn. I’m feeling the need for a red hat.

So, let’s start counting again.  Only 24 more days till Christmas!  This is our house.  We do a little decorating at a time. So far, we have lights on the house. I want to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season.  So many things seem to rush by and then vanish.  I need the spirit of Christmas to sink in a little.  Stay a little while. I need to escape the shopping frenzy.  And I love handmade gifts.

Maybe some day I will make an advent calendar.

*Take a look at some of these Advent Calendars!  I’m torn between something red & white (because I LOVE red & white when decorating for Christmas) or something with all of the leftover sock yarn. Maybe a string of mini socks? Maybe both?

§ 4 Responses to 24 – Advent & How many days is it ’til Christmas?

  • Alexis says:

    I love the holiday season too! Between the making and baking and music and all there’s so much to enjoy. I am impressed at your advent calendar plans… I once wanted to make one too but ours is the $1 kind from the grocery store this year! I think the mini socks are adorable!

  • DebbyMcC says:

    I’m going to try to remember to post a Christmas themed photo each day of Advent this year…thanks to you =-) So far, I remembered to start today…we’ll see what tomorrow and the next days bring =-) And I’m putting up the advent calendar in the kitchen today, too…this is unusual…Most years we end up opening at least a week’s worth of windows on the day I finally remember to put it up (cuz I keep it in one of the Christmas boxes and I don’t usually get those out until we are farther into the month.) But this year, again thanks to you and your Advent idea, we will start on time! Cheers!

  • Meredith says:

    I agree. This year I tried something different. I did all my shopping before December. I have a couple of things coming in that will need to be wrapped. As I get older I cannot stand the rushing.

    Your house looks adorable. Well you can always start designing your advent calendar.

  • pratima says:

    Beautiful picture, Anita! Oh, teeny tiny mittens and hats would be so adorable! I hope you get a chance to make them. Happy knitting your red hat in the mean time 🙂

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