Houston, We Have Funky Ladies

October 18, 2010 § 10 Comments

Funky Ladies

These blocks above are for my Row 10 quilting bee on Flickr.  This is my row for my month.  I’m making a row of Funky Ladies. They are dear friends.

4-letter words

I asked everyone to work in a predominately grey & red palette and choose a good 4-letter word.  (There are good ones, you know. Even though the bad ones get all the attention.)  And then they could fill up the rest of the row with blocks related to their word.  Here are the rows so far. In addition to mine, there are only a couple more rows missing and then I can sew all the rows together. My word is going to be “give”.

This has been such a fun project!  I have learned SO much!  Before joining this group, I wasn’t very good at the Liberated style of quilt making. I still feel like I’m wasting a ton of fabric when I make these liberated blocks. But it is getting easier. And it has given me a chance to work in color palettes that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose for myself.  A big Thank You to all of the Row 10 ladies!

On another note, my mom and I decided at the last minute to attend the Houston Quilt Show the week after Quilt Market. Is anybody else going? Want to meet up for a quick hello?  Send me an email if you are interested.

§ 10 Responses to Houston, We Have Funky Ladies

  • Viv says:

    Wow, the ladies are wicked !! I’ve never seen a row quilting bee before. Looks fantastic. You’re going to have a great quilt!!

  • Michele says:

    The ladies are so cute!

  • pratima says:

    The ladies are adorable! It is a very unique quilt. The words are beautiful both in their meaning and on the quilt 🙂

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Lucky you…The Quilt Market and then the Houston Quilt Show! Can’t wait to hear all about them. Love the quilt rows…How unique they all are :o)

  • Lisa says:

    Love the funky ladies and really love the words quilt – so special! Have a blast in Houston – I’m not going this year – and I have a quilt in the show – drat! It’s in the Text on Textiles exhibit – the Truth Quilt.

  • kathie says:

    what a fun quilt! I am impressed! Love those funky ladies, ok is that from a pattern or did you just draft them up yourself?
    would love to make a little quilt with just those ladies!

  • kathie says:

    wouldn’t it be a fun swap to make these funky ladies and then make a quilt with all of them?????

  • Lynn says:

    What a cool quilt! I really like how you all pick one 4 letter word and make a strip representing that word. VERY cool!

  • amy says:

    Really love the ladies! And really love Kathie’s swap idea! I most admire your four letter word rows though — what a great theme! I might not have set the “good” limitation though. hee hee OK, are you going to market also?

  • Karen says:

    I love row by row quilts. Especially like the 4 letter words – what a neat idea. The color palette is not my norm, but it’s kind of cool!!

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