Cramped for Time

October 4, 2010 § 5 Comments

GiGantiC garage storage cabinet

You know, vacations are lovely, and essential. But it seems like the week after is always a killer week.  Time is feeling a bit cramped at the moment. Everything that needs to get done seems to inevitably fall within the same time frame. We are sleep deprived and waffling between cranky and silly around here.

Long story short, my hubby has been contracting for the last 5 years. His most recent contract ended around Labor Day at the beginning of September. He had big plans to get all these house projects done and then a new permanent job comes along that he couldn’t resist.  His first day back at work is today.  That left him only a couple of weeks to finish up his house projects.  This one is a storage cabinet for the garage. It’s for skis, backpacks, blankets and tools. The side he is standing in now has shelves and holds tools, canning jars and all sorts of other things.

Then… we bought a wood burning fireplace insert that is being installed next week.  We’ve been wanting to paint our ugly 70’s red brick fireplace ever since we bought the house. But people kept talking us out of it. Well, we finally did it anyway because it will be harder to paint after the insert is installed.

And… I’ve been sewing like a mad woman on a couple of samples for Clothworks‘ booth at Quilt Market. One is a dress and the other is a purse. Both are patterns from Sew Serindipity. I’ll try to get a quick pic before I ship them off.  The patterns are great!

And… I had a sewing table fiasco that resulted in lots of running around, preventing any further quality sewing time.

All of that to say…  I don’t have any lovely quilt pictures to share.  I do have another tutorial in the works illustrating how I hand sew my binding. It’s not too much different from the machine binding. But I thought you  might be interested anyway.

But I can show you my cheerful doll quilt swap wall.  Look at all these lovely quilts from Flickr friends!  They make me smile.

wall of doll quilts

§ 5 Responses to Cramped for Time

  • terriaw says:

    Congrats to your husband for getting a permanent job! That must feel great. And congrats to you for your sewing contributions for Quilt Market – sounds fun! Love your doll quilt wall – so inspiring.

  • Mona Keegan says:

    I do understand. I attended a wonderfully productive quilt retreat weekend before last. I had to hit the deck running on the Monday morning after. But my entry hall is papered, the trim is painted, the grandfather clock is back in place, the rug is on the floor, the art back on the wall and the silk plant is sparkliing clean. What a week! And, we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary yesterday. All good. It is just normal.

  • hedwig says:

    ok, all very hectic and so but at least you get things done ! Keep on track, pace will slow down, eventually…

  • Alexis says:

    I know how you feel! It’s times like these that I have to remind myself that we dont get dealt more than we can handle and to appreciate the small things. Congrats to your hubs on the job though. It’s a great storage cabinet and a beautiful quilt wall- and bench!

  • Michele says:

    Love your wall of doll quilts. It’s so nice to have a handy hubby!

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