August 23, 2010 § 5 Comments

dill pickles & peach salsa

Whoops! A whole week just flew by and I barely even noticed!  Yes, I’ve been sewing… and knitting… and canning…

I miss the summer gardens of my childhood where the tomatoes were brought into the house by the bucketful and sweet corn was sweet & fresh & eaten at just about every meal.  It feels like cheating when we now have to go to the farmers market and buy a couple of bags of cucumbers just to produce a few nostalgic jars of pickles.  We have tried to grow a garden but I think our house sits in a pocket micro-climate of cold. We never seem to get much, if anything, from what we plant. So we have given up.  I know, I know… all of you have it all coming out of your ears by now.  Wish we lived closer… I’d gladly take some of it off your hands.

So, last week I got the canning bug and we made dill pickles and peach salsa.  The blackberries that grow wild out here are just about ready and I can’t wait to make some jam.  Anyone have a killer tomato salsa recipe? (my husband is not very fond of the fruit salsa ~ I’ll have to share it with my girlfriends)

I’ll try to come back a little sooner with some quilting progress. Pinky swear.

§ 5 Responses to Preserving

  • Alexis says:

    Mmm, that looks good! I would love to try making pickles! I’ve been canning blackberry jam and fig jam. I am going to go berry picking again this week!

  • susan says:

    Sounds lovely. I just adore canning but haven’t done in years. All we had growing up were tomato plants, but I am not complaining.what do you use the peach salsa on?

  • britt says:

    Do you use a pressure canner or a waterbath canner or a steam canner?
    We made some refrigerator dills that I LOVE not the crispiest pickles ever, but the best flavor. We also made some refrigerator sweet pickles, GROSS (I apparently do not like sweet pickles)
    Now we are canning sauce and that is a blast!

  • I have got to say Mrs. Wages salsa mix is the best we have EVER had! SOOO easy I actually tossed my old canning recipe!! We have had tomatoes coming out our ears and actually did 24 jars of the stuff (only have about 10 left after hubby got into it!) Just picked it up at walmart after a friend mentioned it! SOOO GOOD!

  • sewpam63 says:

    MmmmmMMmmm, Anita!!! I usually make chili dills, but haven’t gotten around to it yet this year. I make regular dill pickles, but add a cayenne pepper to each jar. They pack a PUNCH!!! Your peach salsa looks divine – I can just about taste it over a grilled pork chop or chicken breast. Yum-O! : D

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