Wild Geese Update

July 3, 2010 § 12 Comments

Half done!

We’re half way there! Eight flying geese blocks and most of the surrounding geese sashing. The blocks are easy peasy, but the sashing seems to take a bit of time.   These were randomly thrown up on the design wall. I’m going to wait until all the blocks are done before I decide how to arrange all the colors.

geese for sashing

When ever I have enough geese made, I sew them into either eight piece strips for the sashing or two piece bits for the corner stones.

Reach for it!*

How are you all doing with your flying geese?

*This was an outtake from my 52 Fridays self-portrait challenge. But it’s also sort of a joke as well.  You see, my husband always seems to get good shots from behind whenever we go on vacation. He says he’s taking pictures of the view (the street or building or whatever it happens to be). But you always see me from the back side. Ha!  And… it’s true, I do stand on this stool to reach the very top of my wall. Though, I don’t really need to stand on my tippy toes.


§ 12 Responses to Wild Geese Update

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