A Little Doll Quilt

February 17, 2010 § 18 Comments

neighborhood house

Soon, a little dolly quilt will be flying to it’s new home. This is for the Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr.  Every time I do this swap, I never know what the quilt is going to look like until it is done.  This one started out with houses from scraps.  Then… a few squares inspired by this quilt.  And finally…  it just felt like it needed a few stars at the top.

stars in the garden

What I’ve learned is that I have to push myself to loosen up a little. I’m not very good at the relaxed, free-piecing, liberated style of quilting making. I LOVE the make-it-up-as-you-go method. But I always feel like the edges need to be straight and the pieces need to match. Too many years of sewing clothing, I’m afraid.

the whole thing

And I’m trying to not be so afraid of hand work.  A little hand-quilting here and there can add a lot.  In the end, I’m just as surprised as everyone else to see the results.  Which, I think, is half the fun.  The other half is making something special for someone else.

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