Oh Happy Day*

February 14, 2010 § 14 Comments

a little escargot

So I made a little list of the things I would  like to get done for the unofficial Sewing Olympics.  This little snail is a warm up to a whole row of a variety of blocks for the Row 10 block swap.  The pattern can be found here. It is not for  the faint of heart. There are lots of tiny little pieces.

I know you all have been waiting for the big day… WHOSE HOUSE will the Mini Lone Star Quilt be flying to this week?  I know you are scrolling to the bottom and not reading any of this.  (cheeky grin)  I’d probably be doing the same. There were 152 comments and only one duplicate name.  So… a random number between 1 and 151 was picked by the reliable Random Number Generator.

And the result was comment number 82.  Both my husband and I counted down to comment number 82 just to double check that it was, in fact, correct.  And the luck winner is jmbmommy! I’m sorry that I don’t have a little quilt to send to everyone who left a comment.  You guys are amazing!  And I’m still wandering through the comments.  Truly amazing.  Some of you are really putting your scraps to good use. And some of you need some scraps. Maybe I’ll have a scrap drawing in the future and you can adopt some of mine.  hehehe.

*Oh Happy Day to everyone… ’cause Valentine’s Day is a little bit biased.  At least the commercial, card-giving one is.  So splurge a little on yourself today and enjoy your friends and family and life.  We had heart-shaped pizza at our local pizzeria on Friday, dinner with dear friends last night, and a relaxing day ahead today… sprinkled with some Olympic coverage on TV and… sewing!

§ 14 Responses to Oh Happy Day*

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