Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband!

December 23, 2009 § 7 Comments

A penny for your thoughts....

He’s too busy right now to read my blog… I think…  so this should still be a surprise on Christmas Day… I hope.  I guess I am taking a bit of a risk by posting this.   A year or two ago, my husband decided to learn how to play the Penny Whistle.   And  for his birthday this year, he wanted a wooden whistle.  But when we found out how expensive the wooden ones were, he decided to get a whistle set that has a different sound than his original whistle.  So now he has three whistles.  His original is a Feadog Irish Whistle in the key of D.  The other two are Jerry Freeman tweaked Mellow Dogs in the key of D and C.  If you  are an Irish Whistle fan, you will know what all that means.  He bought the Feadog from a local music store and the Mellow Dogs online from The Irish Flute Store.

Penny Whistles

For the last several months the whistles have been sitting on his desk and when he takes them somewhere, they just get tossed in a grocery bag.  So I snuck into the sewing room this week and made a roll-up case for them. It’s loosely based on Kathy Mack’s pencil rolls… only the measurements are much different.  Each pocket is 2″ wide.  And the height is 15″ tall.  And I added a flap at the top to cover the whistles.  Now he can safely take his whistles anywhere!

If  you are wondering what an Irish Whistle sounds like, listen to this.  There are lots of videos and tutorials on YouTube.   Gary is aspiring to play like  this one day. It takes a surprising amount of practice to play that well.  I guess it has been said that a penny whistle is easy to play but difficult to perfect.  (He thinks I should learn how to play the bodhrán, which is the drum.  Then we can be a “band”.)

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