Has another year gone by?

September 29, 2009 § 21 Comments

The Leftover Pillow

The Leftover Pillow

It’s ANOTHER anniversary of my 29th birthday.  Cough. Cough.  We aren’t counting years anymore.  Let’s just say that I’m old enough, thank you very much.  Chocolate and flowers were waiting for me this morning.  (Thanks, Honey!) What could be better than chocolate for a birthday gift?  And I think all my friends conspired together this year, because I now have several REI gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I think there may be some shopping going on later today.

Machine stitched binding...

Machine stitched binding...

This is what I did while the guys went hiking on Saturday.  They are the leftover bits from my Handkerchief Corners quilt, which STILL  hasn’t been quilted, by the way.  One of these days…  I AM chipping away at my pile of unfinished quilt tops, though.  The back of the pillow is linen.  And I have learned my lesson about zippers or buttons or leaving some sort of opening to remove the pillow insert for future laundering of said pillow cover.  Especially if you have pets or kids!

And a zipper.

And a zipper.

By the way, the boys had an exciting hike.  They hiked up to Snow Lake which is 4 miles in and 4 miles out.  Just as they were starting down the mountain they were stopped because someone had slipped and fallen over the ridge.  Two hours later a helicopter air-lifted the injured person out.  They heard that the injuries included a broken wrist and some head lacerations.  I’ve been on this trail before and there is a section that is a ton of switchbacks with lots of loose rock.  It’s not a hard hike but can be tedious in that section of switchbacks.  It’s a reminder to a) NEVER hike alone, b) ALWAYS be careful, and c) LISTEN to you body. There is nothing wrong with taking lots of breaks and resting.  Accidents often happen when we are tired and not paying as careful attention as we should.  And that’s my soap-box speech for the day.  Stay safe everyone!

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