Get Out Your Quilts

September 26, 2009 § 4 Comments

bqfest-logo I missed the spring one (it was during my knee surgery & recovery), so don’t miss the fall one!  Amy of Park City Girl is hosting another Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Go check out the details.  It’s sure to be another fabulous event!

On another note, has another week really gone by?  Sheesh.  Today my hubby is hiking with the boys so I’m trying to make the most of day. What usually happens is that I have a million things on my list that I WANT to do or accomplish, but the reality of the situation is that one can only do so much in a normal length of day.  Then my head starts spinning with the  possibilities of what I would rather do more versus what I really need to do now and I end up getting even less done.

So… I slept in and then went to the gym to work off the fabulous dinner we had at Purple Cafe last night.  Oh, my quads are going to hurt tomorrow!

Now… should I clean up the yard and get it ready for winter? Or head to the sewing room and emerge only when Gary finally gets home around dinner time?  Yes, I think the sewing room might win.  But, should I sew something fun? Or finish the things that need to get done within the next month?  See what I mean?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

§ 4 Responses to Get Out Your Quilts

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