I’ve lost my Blogging Mojo

July 1, 2009 § 10 Comments

Placemats sent to Megan

Placemats sent to Megan

For some reason, now that I have material to blog, I just don’t feel like blogging.  Boo.  How does this happen?  It seems to take a special moment to get photo and words to marry into an interesting blog post.  Maybe I’ve been too busy.

June was for swapping placemats. Can you believe it’s already July 1st?  These were sent to Megan.  They were made from leftover scraps – all of it – the whole enchilada.  The squares in the middle are from the Old Red Barn Quilt-Along. The linen around the edge is from a vest that a friend asked me to make for his dad. The backing is from another quilt back. And the binding is from the backing of the Old Red Barn quilt.  Even better…  I had enough leftover scraps to make two more for myself!  Wheeee.  I’m dreaming of a whole table of mismatched placemats for a dinner party one day.

I was also going to tell you about our biking on Saturday.  But I’ve lost the words for that too.  You can see pictures of us biking, the trail, and my bike basket over on Flickr.  We stopped at the Farmer’s Market and the grocery store for some ingredients to make a salad based on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham. It was for our supper club and the theme was recipes inspired or taken from books.  Everybody else’s dishes came from much more grown-up books. I couldn’t help myself. I love Dr. Seuss!  We ate dinner in the garden and hung out around the fire pit after dark. Alas, no photos of that either.

Now that I’ve thoroughly bored you… I hope the eye-candy above makes up for it.  And I hope the blogging Mojo finds it’s way back to my house again.  Have a fun and safe Independence Day!

§ 10 Responses to I’ve lost my Blogging Mojo

  • RosaMaría says:

    great way to use the leftovers! lovhe those placemats! and the fabric with the bike is really cute, i think is very dificult to find.
    Anyway, sometimes i feel like you about blogging, like no words or histories to write… i think is normal, i think is necesary..!
    a big hugh!

  • Melody says:

    If you find the mojo, please pass some along to me! I have lots of blogable stuff going on, but I’m too tired and burned out to post.

    I love love love that salad! It is pretty and I love that it is whimsical and fun.

    You have inspired me! I want to make some cute placemats too!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  • Allie says:

    I think the lost mojo is just called summer. I do love your posts though.
    The placemat looks awesome!

  • Lisa says:

    I love those placemats!!

  • Heather says:

    I think we all go in and out of blogging moods – from posting alot to a little – don’t stress just do what you love and we will be here waiting. I adore the placemats too!!

  • Rachel says:

    You must have some Mojo left, because you managed to write a fine post today!

    Your placemats are beautiful ~ you’re giving me ideas (oh, no, I already have a zillion projects on my to-do list).

    I LOVE the idea of a dinner party inspired by literature. Your Green Eggs and Ham idea was genius! Now I’m curious about the other dishes…

  • terriaw says:

    Such gorgeous placemats! I have been wanting to make a set lately, and now I’m so inspired. Love seeing photos from your bike ride too. I know exactly what you mean about losing words for blogging lately – I’m struggling with that too.

  • Dena Martin says:

    I just hate it when I get into a rut because it is so frustrating. What has worked for me is to go into my sewing room, put on one of my favorite CDs and just start playing with fabric. It’s amazing how once I start playing around my creativity returns and things just start happening.

    I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and hope you find your mojo soon.

  • woolywumpus says:

    Sometimes you need a break – don’t worry, your blogosphere friends will be waiting for you when you get your blogging mojo back! Love your placemats!

  • Candace says:

    Fantastic placemants, Anita! Not to worry about the mojo – I think at least for me it’s because there is so much more going on in summer! Your mojo will find you back when you’re ready :>)

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