More Quilt-Along Goodness

June 29, 2009 § 7 Comments


Photo courtesy of Mijn Quilthoekje

The fabulous Lil pointed me to another quilt-along that has just recently started.  Did you see this quilt in the No. 70 issue of QuiltMania?  Well, Guute over at Mijn Quilthoekje is hosting a quilt-along through the Antique Quilt Club Yahoo group.  She spent a little time drawing up a pattern in Electric Quilt and is inviting folks to sew along with her in making this quilt.  Her blog is in Dutch, but she also includes an English translation at the end of each post.  Or you can translate it through Google Translate. Request to join the group if you are ready for another medallion quilt!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Mijn Quilthoekje

There was also a picture of a basket medallion quilt in the same issue of QuiltMania.  I just picked issue No. 71 recently and am happy to say that the pattern for the basket quilt is in that issue.  So much Medallion goodness and not enough time!  Sigh.

UPDATE: The pattern for this basket medallion is actually in three parts, Issue #69, #70, and #71.  I just discovered that I’m missing issue #69. Back issues can be ordered from Stonehouse Publications.

§ 7 Responses to More Quilt-Along Goodness

  • Ranette says:

    I am in love with the quilt from QuiltMania and would really love to make it one day…hopefully soon! I do think the directions are in 3 issues of the magazine though.

  • Rachel says:

    So pretty! These medallion quilts must be a bit addictive. ☺

  • amanda says:

    Oh wow! I hadn’t seen the antique quilt along. That quilt is spectacular!!! I do not need to start another big project right now – gotta get my paper pieced quilts done at some point… but I’m so tempted 🙂 Thanks for the link!

  • Those quilts are spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  • amandajean says:

    i just requested to join the group. thanks for the link. it looks like a very fun (and somewhat challenging) quilt to make. i’ve never made a medallion quilt and it looks intruiging.

  • woolywumpus says:

    Thanks for sharing those breathtaking quilts! Wow!

  • Gay says:

    I too noticed the medallion quilt and drew up the pattern [I did not need to chop my blocks up to fit in though, that is the magic of planning with graph paper]!
    I made the quilt in Civil War type fabric bought from Rustic Angels and Village Fabrics and it was hanging at Village Fabrics annual exhibition last month. I believe it was much favoured and I have been asked to teach it. It was fun to make but oh there were those awful right angles to contend with over and over again. I call it ‘my new antique quilt’. It is one of my favourite quilts.

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