Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury

June 19, 2009 § 12 Comments

Jury Socks

Jury Socks

How much knitting can be done while serving on Jury Duty?  About 90% of one sock* if you are on a case that takes LOTS of breaks.  And a small, quick-read book can be read as well.  I’m so glad THAT is over.  Clearly, I could never be a lawyer and I’m glad to know that about myself.  And hopefully I won’t be called for jury duty again for a long, long time.

A friend of mine requested brown socks. This is the first pair of socks that I’ve knit for someone else where I am having a hard time giving them up. I might have to knit another pair for myself.  The pattern is Seduction Socks by Interweave Knits and free on their web site.

I’m off to visit in-laws for the weekend.  Perhaps sock number two will be knit and I will have a pair come Monday. Or least later in the week.

Happy Weekend!

*Another woman on the jury had her socks on addi turbo circular needles. They passed security on the first day, but were confiscated on the second day.  It’s interesting how safe or dangerous  knitting needles can be on any given day.

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