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Last Friday we drove half-way across the state to visit one of Gary’s many brothers.  He has a huge garden and we raided some of his vegetables.  We took home snap peas, baby zucchini, kohlrabi, and some baby potatoes. He also gave us ten pounds of asparagus. And we picked some cherries from the neighbor’s tree.

I dehydrated the cherries. We ate the snap peas & baby zucchini for dinner tonight. And we attempted to pickle the asparagus.  It all looked good until the very end. Now, they look all shriveled and wrinkly in the canning jar. What did we do wrong?  I think it might have something to do with the fact that we forgot to soak the asparagus in ice water before putting them in the jars???  But… last year I pickled a couple of jars of carrots & asparagus and they didn’t wrinkle. I’m a little disappointed after all our hard work. Ten pounds of asparagus is no small amount!

It was orange in its former life

It was orange in it's former life

On another note, I have to appear for jury duty this week.  I’ve been contemplating what might be an acceptable project to work on while sitting, sitting, sitting. (I am not a good sit-still kind of person!)  Which prompted the dyeing of some orange cotton yarn.  I must have been on an orange-buying binge a few years ago.  But one can have only so many orange garments in one’s closet. It has now become brown yarn which may grow into the Stardust cardigan one day.  I thought I might take that with me to jury duty.  But instead…  I’ve decided to take a pair of socks on bamboo double-point needles and hoping that there won’t be an issue.  My metal circular needles were confiscated when I had to appear for jury duty a few years ago.

aprony goodness

aprony goodness

And… I made another project from the Shop Hop fabric.  The apron is from the book, The New Handmade.  I’m not sure that it is very useful for me at home. I tend to be a messy cook and need a whole body apron.  But it is pretty cute, even if it doesn’t cover all of me.

Here’s hoping that jury duty is only a one or two day event (and that I get to keep my knitting!).  If not, it may be awhile till I venture over here again.


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  • Dorothee says:

    Ah, so you lot (aka “the Americans”) do know kohlrabi and call it that too! Our aupair is from Kansas City and loves them but never had them before and didn’t know what they were called. She’ll be happy to know those beets exist at home too.

  • amy says:

    Hope to see you back sooner rather than later (and with some sock knitting happiness to display). Love the apron! Mmmm, kohlrabi.

  • Liz says:

    The apron will be useful for quilting classes – keeping small scissors, etc nearby so you don’t leave them. Looks very cute.


  • MichelleB says:

    Cute apron! I was on jury duty a few years ago, and had no time for knitting (even though I wasn’t knitting then) because I actually got put on the jury. It was rather interesting and luckily not very long – only a day.

  • Kerri from Michigan says:

    I just got done pickling asparagus for the time and it looks all wrinkly too? I still can get a bunch and try again and maybe they will still taste good but I’m not too hopeful looking at them. If you have any insight into what I may have done wrong I would love to hear about it.

  • Melody says:

    Wow, you are on the ball! Bottling food in mid-June; I’m impressed!

    Love the apron!

    Sorry about jury duty. I’m not looking forward to taking a turn. I see the blessings of a trial of your peers, it just makes me uncomfortable making judgements that affect people’s lives so deeply. Sorry, like that is going to make you feel better! Good luck!

  • terriaw says:

    What a great way to spend a Friday! Love the yarn for your new “jury duty” project. Hope that is a short one!

  • Candace says:

    I just love this time of year when fresh asparagus comes out of E WA! I have no idea why your asparagus wrinkled unless you parboiled them first? I always pour the broth on mine raw and only cook them in the canner for about 11 minutes.
    Love the apron Anita! See you next Thursday at the shop hop!

  • Emily says:

    Wait, they didn’t give them back when you left? That’s mean! Did you get to keep the yarn? I am outraged.

    Oh, and I want to pickle jalapinos (my spellcheck has suggested “Galapagos”) if I have enough.

  • Kathy says:

    Too cute for real use. Should only be used for answering the door!

  • susan says:

    sorry i cant help with the asparagus, i have never pickled it. hopefully it tastes ok. sounds like it was a nice little trip!
    eek, jury duty, i cant wait to find out if they let you knit… i tend to think not….i have my fingers crossed you can!

  • I love a good dilly bean recipe for pickling asparagus. I break it out for potlucks and those that are daring enough to have a bloody mary with brunch.

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