From the Sofa…

April 21, 2009 § 14 Comments

Babette posing with the Posies

Babette posing with the Posies

Still here. Gimping around.

Thank you SO much for all your thoughts & prayers & well wishes!  They all mean a lot to me!  The surgery went fine. It’s the recovery that is miserable.  I will get around to answering email… soon.

It seems that I was basing my expectations on my last knee surgery five years ago.  A lot can change in five years.  That surgery I got the so-happy anesthesia. (As in, Audrey Hepburn in the beginning of Roman Holiday when she’s  “so happy”)  This time I got the feels-like-a-fuzzy-headed-NyQuil-hangover anesthesia.  The whole rest of the surgery day was spent fighting off nausea.

Once the anesthesia wore off, my knee decided to swell to the size of a melon, which is what happens to 72% of knee surgery patients, so the doctor says.   Little did I realize that my last knee surgery fell into the other 28% with very little swelling and that I was in the minority. Sigh.  I guess I’m more “normal” this time ’round.

So… I’m still here. Doing all those things good patients are supposed to do, ice, elevation, meds, yada, yada, yada. Babette is coming right along.  What was previously several months worth of progress has now been done in just the last few days while being sofa-bound.  I’ve noticed a lot of mistakes.  I’ve also decided to not look that closely and that done is better than perfect.  Maybe I’ll actually finish the silly thing.

§ 14 Responses to From the Sofa…

  • terriaw says:

    Glad to hear your surgery went fine, but sorry to hear about the recovery. Does not sound like a good time, especially with that swelling!

    Your Babette blanket looks fabulous so far! I only have a few of my squares crocheted, so it’s nice to see yours looking so pretty.

  • Jeannie says:

    Babette looks so comfy and beautiful. I am glad your surgery went well, but sorry that you are feeling out of sorts. I wish I was there to take you to the park where we could sit in the sun and drink in the healing Vitamin D! Take care and I hope you feel better soon. Cheers.

  • Candace says:

    Hi Anita – so glad to hear you’re on the mend – sorry it isn’t going as well as the last one! I think those daffodils and Babette are good medicine!

  • Melody says:

    I’m glad that the surgery went well. Take care of yourself! Babette is looking beautiful!

  • […] thing! I have not, however, cracked the code of Babette. You’ll want to go say hey to gimpy Anita if you want to see some Babette […]

  • Liz says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling good enough to post… been checking in for the post-surgery update.

    When you get cleared for it, I think you need to get a bottle of champagne to enjoy and celebrate the recovery period – that way you can get that happy feeling…


  • Trisha says:

    Glad you are getting better, Anita, even if it is slowly. Babette is looking pretty and colorful. Hope you heal quickly!

  • decafplease says:

    oh! do take care! knee surgery is no fun (not that any other surgery is!). take it easy…we’ll be here when you get better. 🙂

  • amy says:

    Hope you’re up and around and back to better than normal very soon! I bow down to your Babette.

  • Monica says:

    Hope you continue to recover quickly.
    Just thinking about weaving in all those ends and seaming all those squares caused me to shudder. Good luck to you on that.

  • Linda says:

    I love the way you added a cross on your nine patch squares. Very nice. interesting, too.

  • hedwig bonnez says:

    A sofa isn’t such a bad a place to recover from…
    And in company of colourfull babette ! It could be worse….
    Get well soon though !

  • lily boot says:

    Oh Anita! I’m sorry you’re not having an “Audrey” recovery! My sister had knee reconstruction – she was “normal” and it wasn’t pretty 🙂 Poor you. I shall keep you in my thoughts and meanwhile, you have made the most divine crocheted rug in existence so every time you feel ghastly, just think “Ah! But I have the most divine crocheted rug!” Hopefully that might help a little whilst you are stuck on the sofa searching for your inner “Audrey”. xxx

  • jacquie says:

    take good care!!

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