Where Do You Create?

March 30, 2009 § 24 Comments

Do you have a favorite chair in the corner of a room, a cupboard, or an entire room? Or do you work out of a tote bag? Show us where all the magic happens! Leave a comment with a link to your blog post or flickr set that shows us your space!

the design wall & pressing area

the design wall & pressing area

My sewing room is approximately 8.5 feet by 11.5 feet including the closet. It’s not very big, but I’m thankful that I at least have a room! Before we bought this house, all I had was a banquet table. THE banquet table that still sits in my sewing room today. And before I got married, it was the dining room table when my roommates weren’t home or a card table in my bed room.

bookshelves & sewing table

moving clockwise, the banquet table & bookshelves

I recently repainted my sewing room and I like the new color. I was shooting for something fairly neutral without being too boring. Too bright and I would be bouncing off the walls rather than sewing.

And I really, really, really wanted to get rid of all the piles. Well, the good news is that the piles have been reduced. But the bad news is that they aren’t completely gone. I’m working on it. Though, I think it is a never ending battle.

rolling cart of scraps

to the left of the banquet table, the rolling cart of scraps

One major improvement was replacing the tall rolling cart of scraps with a shorter rolling cart of scraps that can be used as a portable sewing table for my serger and featherweight. It sits in the corner of the room until I need it and then pulls out to be used. The cart and scrap baskets came from Storables.  And my husband cut a piece of wood and I painted it white to be the table top on the cart.

Other things that I did:

  • Replaced the overhead light fixture with a foofoo chandelier to make it feel more like a girl’s room.
  • Painted the top of my ugly brown banquet table white. That alone was a HUGE and much needed improvement.
  • Covered foam core board with a layer of cork board and then wrapped it all in linen to make a inspiration/mood board above the cutting table. Sadly, there’s not much pinned on it yet.
  • Removed at least 2 feet worth of books that were old, or unused or given to me but not my thing. I still need to take them to the used book store, but at least they are out of the sewing room!
  • Gave away a bunch of bunnies to make the shelf above the cutting table more usable.
  • And… sheepishly, I did move a couple of piles to the spare bedroom. Shame, shame. I’ll have to deal with those at a later date.

Check out the teaser blog posts from a few weeks ago or see the whole Flicker set of sewing studio pictures.

Now, let me see your space!

messy cutting area

moving clockwise again, messy cutting area

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