Medallion Quilt-Along – Border 8a – Zig Zag Flying Geese

January 3, 2009 § 13 Comments

With the addition of this border, the quilt started to feel huge… to me.  It’s become a “quilt”.  I know that’s crazy. It’s been a quilt all along. But this border makes it a good lap-sized quilt. One could stop here and feel satisfied.  And I have to admit, that without you as my support group, I just might have quit.  But I will persevere and march on to the end.  It will definitely be satisfying to reach the very, very last border. Won’t it?

The Stats:

  • Flying Geese blocks – finished size 2″ x 4″.  Sew 2 together to make a zig zig (4″ x 4″).
  • Border – finished width 4″.
  • Quilt width after this border – 56 1/2″ square.
  • Yardage requirements – 5/8 yard fabric of a each a light and a dark.  I did just barely squeak out the pieces from a half-yard.  But, if the width your fabric is different from mine, it might not work.  Also, if you choose a different method to make these flying geese blocks, it could potentially take twice as much as I have listed here.

We used a different method of constructing the previous Zig Zag border than what I will be describing below.  You can refer to Border 3b if you choose to use that method instead.

I used the Companion Angle and Easy Angle to cut the triangles for these flying geese blocks.  I have been using these rulers a lot lately.  There’s none of that adding 7/8″ to cut half-square triangles or adding 1 1/4″ to cut quarter-square triangles.  And especially in these flying geese blocks, it takes a lot less fabric.


1.  Cut (8)  2 1/2″ width of fabric strips from each of the light and dark fabrics.  From (4) of the strips, cut 48 geese triangles.


2.  From the remaining (4) strips, cut 96 half square triangles.  There is also a brief tutorial over here on using these rulers and alternate methods for making flying geese blocks.


3. You should have 48 light triangles and 48 dark triangles for the geese part of the block,  and 96 light half-square triangles and 96 dark half-square triangles for the sky part of the block.

If you want to proceed using the Border 3b method of construction, cut (96) – 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles from each of the light and dark fabrics and (192) – 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ squares from each of the light and dark fabrics.


4.  For each side, arrange 12 dark blocks in a row and 12 light blocks in a row to create the zig zag effect.

To sew the border together, start by sewing 1 dark block and 1 light block together to create a 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ square. Then, alternate pressing one block’s seam up and one block’s seam down. Sew together all 12 blocks in a border. Pressing the seams in opposite directions like this helps to make the matching of the seams a little bit easier. I always put a pin right on the seam to keep it in place until I have sewn the matching seams. Press these seams open as well.


5.  For the corner blocks cut (4) 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ squares from a lighter fabric and (16) 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ squares from a darker fabric.

These blocks are the fabulous, reliable Square-in-a-Square, again. Refer back to Border 1 for a refresher on how to piece these blocks.

6.  Sew the side borders to the quilt first. Then sew the Square in a Square blocks to each end of the top and bottom borders. Sew the top and bottom borders to your quilt. You should now have a quilt that measures 56 1/2″ x 56 1/2″.

It’s even kitty approved.

§ 13 Responses to Medallion Quilt-Along – Border 8a – Zig Zag Flying Geese

  • Emily says:

    Marvelous! I really like your banner too!

  • Sophie says:

    Thanks Anita. I have caught up and look forward to adding this lovely border soon.

  • janet clare says:

    only 6 borders behind now- but I will catch up I promise. It is such a lovely quilt and is definitely not one to give up on.

  • Jane Weston says:

    Beautiful! I love the first picture.

    Makes me wish I had started this one with you :o)

  • Candace says:

    Anita, thanks for the tip on the Companion and Easy angles! I’ve been getting frustrated lately with flying geese blocks and I have both of these! The quilt is gorgeous – it’s really “getting a life” now!

  • pratima says:

    Hi Anita, Thanks so much for the instructions.
    I’m a little behind, but hope to catchup soon 🙂
    Wish you a very Happy New Year!

  • Lily Boot says:

    gorgeous! and the ruler looks fascinating – I might have to check this out!

  • Ann Champion says:

    I need to catch up! I’ve been using the easy angle ruler quite a bit lately too, and it’s amazing how much fabric we can save by using that handy little tool. Your quilt is looking fantastic..don’t stop!

  • movinghands says:

    I am working along on my flying geese blocks right now. I have used the Companion Angle and Easy angle for all geese blocks, too. LOVE those rulers.

    I will also persevere (although I have decided not to do the prairie points, but instead to a final triangle-like border at the end).

  • Tami says:

    The quilt is looking great. Truth be told, I threw mine away. It’s the anal perfectionist in me. The quilt was coming together the way I wanted so….I made that scrap quilt I had posted on my blog.

  • Ann Champion says:

    I just LOVE the zig zag borders! They’re absolutely my favorite. 😉
    That companion ruler teamed with the Easy angle sure works great on those flying geese!

  • Jennifer Were says:

    I have been trying to figure out the method for doing the zig zag border and am delighted to have found your website.I’m working on a medallion at present having unpicked a lot of it because it started off to be a rectangle back in the 80’s.Now I am back to a square again and taking it from there, one row at a time.many thanks, Jennifer in Christchurch, New Zealand

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