December 21, 2008 § 3 Comments


Woody the woodpecker

This guy showed up after the snow and has been going at this tree ever since.  His head is blurry because he is pecking at the tree like there is no tomorrow.  Ironically, the weather prediction is high winds with more snow.  Truly blizzard weather. I hope our power stays on! It was 13 degrees F. yesterday morning. Brrrrrrrr.  In true middle-aged style, I’ve been wearing wool socks to bed!

Edited to Add:

I pre-published this just in case the power did go out… it did not. Yay!

Snowy windows

Snowy windows

But that storm last night felt like a good ol’ fashioned Iowan blizzard with the snow plastered to the windows and everything.  It brought back memories.

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  • Melody says:

    I love that last pic “snowy windows”. It is wonderful!

    Keep warm! We are having the same kind of weather where I am too. I have been wearing long johns and 2 pairs of socks to stay warm. I long for spring!

  • Karen says:

    In case you care, your woodpecker is a Red-Breasted Sapsucker. They’re the ones that make the neat little grids of pits in the bark of your trees. The little holes weep sap, which attracts and traps insects, which the bird then comes back and dines on!

    I may be a quilter, but I’ve been a birdwatcher way longer!

  • Kathy says:

    Happy Christmas from ‘down-under’ where Christmas means cherries and swimming-pools, prawns and cricket. Cricket, the game that lasts 4-5 days, is really an excuse to sit with friends all day and chat. Your snow pictures are beautiful.

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