December 13, 2008 § 1 Comment

Decorating the tree a couple of years ago.

Decorating the tree in years past

December 13th…  Sixteen years ago Gary asked me to marry him while we were decorating my $5.00 Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Yes, it really was a cheap, scrawny little tree.  There used to be a hardware/surplus store called Chubby & Tubby’s that would bring young, snowy little trees down from the mountains and sell them for cheap. Chubby & Tubby’s no longer exists or I’d still be buying them.  We now have a fake tree.

Traditions seem to come and go and change a little every year.  The first few years we were married we would roll out our sleeping bags on Christmas Eve and sleep on the living room floor with the Christmas lights shining bright all night long. It felt like a slumber party.  But we’ve arrived at the age where a night or two on the floor is just not as appealing as it used to be.

For the most part, we have continued to decorate our tree on or around December 13th.  Some years we decorate it earlier. But usually, it’s the one tradition we try to uphold.

So… tonight we will be decorating…  and remembering.  It’s supposed to get cold and snow this weekend. I hope it does.  Snow always seems to make Christmas more magical.

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