Sweet Treats

September 4, 2008 § 8 Comments

Trick or Treat Feet, Sock Swap

Trick or Treat Feet, Sock Swap

So many blogs…  can’t. keep. up.  How does everyone manage to create so many blog posts?  I’m hundreds of posts behind! Of course, I guess it would help if I didn’t keep joining things like the Trick or Treat Feet Swap.  Or sewing.  Or baking.

This morning I’m baking – zucchini bread, apple walnut bread, banana bread.  The last one is for us.  But the rest are for a breakfast that I’m organizing at church.  I love baking.  But it seems like I can do nothing else at the same time or I forget an essential ingredient and come up with flat, odd-tasting baked goods. Last week I made a cake and forgot to add the baking soda. It was really, really flat!

I hope my swap partner likes these socks. I’m a little bit nervous that they might be smidge too bright. But they SO look like Halloween to me.  I’m seeing a big bowl full of autumn treats in this yarn.  BTW, my husband’s favorite autumn treat is Candy Corn.  I, on the other hand, can’t decide.  Of course, anything chocolate flavored is always good.

§ 8 Responses to Sweet Treats

  • Julie says:

    What yarn is that? I absolutely love it and would like some to make some socks!

  • Karen says:

    There is no such thing as too bright socks.

    I keep trying to do better with my posting but I could never post every day. I couldn’t come up with that much to say.

  • TLC says:

    The yarn you are using is so cheerful and cute! How could she not like it? A sock swap sound fun!

    I bet your house smells good right now with all that baking!

  • susan says:

    oh i totally love that yarn
    your partner will adore them, dont worry!!!
    and mmmm bread!

  • amy says:

    That is very festive yarn! I saw the ginormous bags of candy corn at Target just the other day. I resisted. My favorite Halloween/fall treat is candy corn mixed with Spanish peanuts. Blissfully salty and sweet. And so good for you.

  • Emily says:

    It’s gorgeous! And looks just like a bowl of candy – I can smell the chocolate from here.

  • Mistress of the Secret Sock says:

    Hi, I’m your secret pal for the Trick or Treat Feet swap. Did you by any chance recieve the email that I sent you?

    Anyway, those socks look great. I’m sure your pal will like them.

  • joan debolt says:

    Great to read we are again participating in something at the same time. Now it is the Halloween socks. I too get behind with blog reading but love it so much. Thanks again for getting me started.

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