How Much Does It Take?

August 27, 2008 § 6 Comments

Click on the image to download and fill in your own colors

Someone was asking if I could estimate how much yardage it would take to make the top of the Medallion Quilt. So… I did a little playing around.

  • If the entire quilt was made out of the same fabric – it would take about 10 1/2 to 11 yards.
  • Using the quilt as I have colored it in Electric Quilt – It would take 17 yards consisting of 64 different fabrics. Obviously, there would be some scraps* left over!
  • I estimated that Border 4 takes about a 1/2 yard each of a light fabric and a dark fabric.

Now that the borders are getting bigger, I may include a yardage requirement with each border post. Also, posted above is a line drawing of the quilt if you feel the urge to experiment with colored pencils before any actual sewing occurs. Just click on the image to enlarge it and then save it to your computer to print out at a later date.

Coming soon… Border number 5.

– – – – – –

*Speaking of scraps. I’m still thinking about a Scrap Group of some kind.

  1. What should we call it? (Scrap Addiction? Circle of Scraps? Scrap Circle? Scrap of Life? Second Chapter of Scraps? I’m having a bad pun day, can you tell?)
  2. How should it be structured? (Similar to Tie One On with a theme or challenge each month?)
  3. Do you want a separate group blog? Or just a Flickr group?

Lemme hear all your thoughts and suggestions!

§ 6 Responses to How Much Does It Take?

  • Lily Boot says:

    What a fabulous colouring in sheet! I’ve got my pencils out – whereas, in fact, I should get out my medallion! I like the idea of a tie-one-on style challenge with a theme – I had composed this very enthusiastic email to you last time you posted about this and have only just realised it stayed in my head and never made it across the waves! :-O I LOVE the theme idea – so I’m in but I’m a dullard when it comes to names.

  • polly says:

    I also love the idea of the tie-one-on concept…However as you can tell I am not very creative…count me in…

  • isabel says:

    Excellent work, Anita!
    Tranks, it will encourage us to plan our medallion.
    About the scrap group, I would suggest a new blog with a theme.

  • iknitipurl says:

    I don’t even know what a medallion quilt is but it looks intimidating!

  • pratima says:

    Thank you Anita for the drawing. It’ll be so much fun to color it and plan before hand.
    A scrap group sounds really cool. Please count me in 🙂

  • Kathryn says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of fabric! (Like you didn’t know that already.)
    I’ve never been one to save my scraps until recently. Since I love the fabrics I’ve been purchasing, I can’t imagine throwing away the scraps.
    Can’t wait to see how the scrap group comes together! I’d love to be a part.
    Great drawing, by the way.

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