Let’s Knit It Again!

August 25, 2008 § 6 Comments

The Great Reknit Sweater

The Great Reknit Sweater

A continuation of the Ravelympics and WIP Wrestling…

I’d have to say that this sweater deserves the gold medal… an “A” for effort sort of gold. Not a gold for quality of workmanship!  It was knit once before, completely frogged, and reknit again. I thought for sure this sweater was going to end up in the trash. I was so sick of looking at it that I almost made my husband promise to never wear it in front of me. Since blocking it, I’ve reconsidered. It doesn’t look too bad… and he loves it.

It fits much better this time, doesnt it?

It fits much better this time, doesn't it?

There is a long history with this sweater. It was the wrong project to start with for a newbie fair isle knitter. I should have chosen something easier. The yarn is superwash – not good for steeking. And my gauge was completely off. The gory details, if you dare to read them:

  1. Started September 2004.
  2. Body completed January 2006.
  3. Finished May 2006 and hideously too large. There may be a couple of you that remember this. Go to this link to see the before picture as a comparison.
  4. Completely frogged November 2006.
  5. Mostly reknit by February 2007. The thought of wasting all that yarn was too much for me. All that was left to finish was knit the zipper placket and sew in the zipper.
Sleeve detail

Sleeve detail

The other sweater UFO (Flickr photo) was started during Yarn Harlot’s Winter Knitting Olympics two years ago. It’s now finished, but I don’t like it. The collar is all wrong and I think it is too short. The only thing I really like are the sleeves. But the more I look at it, the more I am convinced that I will never wear it and it needs to be frogged. I think I’m on a knit-everything-twice cycle.

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