Soaking It Up

July 1, 2008 § 3 Comments

We took full advantage of the sun last weekend over iced coffee and a crossword puzzle. I was beginning to think our entire region was going to be suffering from a deficiency in Vitamin D the way the weather has been all month. And… you do not want to know how much white winter skin bearing bright red sunburns was at the beach!

Blue sky and dappled sunlight under the trees of a coffee house, how I barely even recognized you! And let me just say… do not leave your sock knitting needles in the sun for more than a couple of minutes. Ouch!

Every summer I always look forward to the arrival of the bright pink blooms of the Rose Campion. Rock Roses are another summer favorite of mine!

The strawberries are not yet ready for eatin’. I hope the squirrels don’t get them first!

But the rhubarb looks like it wants to become jam. While it is not as big as I hope for it to one day be, it is bigger than it has ever been. I hear comfrey tea is just the type of fertilizer needed to make rhubarb grow big and strong. I’m going to go shopping for some comfrey as soon as I get a chance.

As tradition dictates, it will now become cold and gloomy again as the 4th of July is just a few days away. And then the sun should be back. I am looking forward to soaking up a little more Vitamin D.

§ 3 Responses to Soaking It Up

  • Jessie says:

    Your garden looks so happy. Our rhubarb didn’t make it past the seedling stage. Wisconsin apparently has freezing weather until June. On the upside, our recently planted flower seeds are germinating! Here come marigolds, nasturtiums, dahlias, sweet peas, snap dragons and cosmos.

  • amy says:

    Glad you got some sun! I’m usually overheated and complaining by this time of summer. However, we have been treated to pleasant temps and crazy little storms. I am learning about the beauty of growing tomatoes in pots–I can move them to the sun!

  • Emily says:

    Woohoo! Strawberries!

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