Soft Covers for Hard Times

June 12, 2008 § 6 Comments

Soft Covers for Hard Times is the title of a book on my bookshelf depicting quilts made during The Great Depression. There is something about antique quilts… the making of something from scraps, the making due with very little, creating useful items while creating positive memories when life was throwing curve balls at the quilt makers.

The making of quilts is cathartic even today as we travel through illness, death, and even the putting of one’s foot into one’s mouth. A friend of mine made a wonderful appliqué quilt as her father was dying. Many a customer at the shop where I work have made quilts as they have battled cancer, taken care of elderly parents, sent kids off to school and welcomed new marriages. I often need to keep my hands busy as I ponder the events of a day.

My apology for posting an image of a beautiful antique quilt from the book Medallion Quilts without the permission from the author, Cindy Vermillion Hamiltion, was graciously received. And in return, she kindly gave permission to offer an online image of this lovely quilt. I have learned my lesson. Always ask before speaking… or posting.

Cindy Hamilton encourages us to explore the world of medallion quilts, appreciate the old ones, and enjoy the process of tackling a project such as our Quilt-Along that may otherwise be overwhelming to many of us. I’ve made a link on the Quilt-Along page to the Antique English Medallion quilt for us to peruse. Thank you Cindy, for allowing us to enjoy such a wonderful insight into the past.

Above quilt is my interpretation of the quilt United She Stands from the booklet Vintage Gathering by Kaye England. Yet to be quilted. Don’t ask about how many un-quilted quilt tops sit on my shelf!

§ 6 Responses to Soft Covers for Hard Times

  • Tami says:

    You have yet another great looking quilt. It’s funny to me how I get so occupied ensuring that everything matches perfectly only to end up often unsatisfied and yet I see other quilts like the one you’ve shared that have a rainbow of colors in them and I long for that look. For that freedom.

  • Lily Boot says:

    Anita, I’m with Tami! I often try to match everything carefully – but it is always the quilts that are glorious cacophanies of colour and pattern that I fall in love with – yours is one of these quilts! Beautiful!

  • Hello from Norway:-)
    Lovely quilts
    Have a nice and creative weekend:-))

  • una says:

    Another Helloooo there, from Norway. That quilt is so beautiful. Glad to have found your blog. Am looking forward to reading more – in your

  • una says:

    Ooops – my son (2 years) decided to post this comment a little too early. – your archives.

    Take care

  • bingo-bonnie says:

    Your United She Stands, is Beautiful!!!! I love everything about it! and it reminds me of a stack of 6″ finished sized 9-patches I made years ago and then didn’t know what to do with…

    I wonder where I put them??

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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