Start Your Sewing Machines

May 20, 2008 § 10 Comments

Sharpen your scissors, get out your rotary cutters and get ready to start the Medallion Quilt-Along. It’s less than two weeks away! I dug through my stash a couple of days ago after thinking about a theme for my quilt.

It is my goal to make the quilt top entirely from my stash. And a secondary criteria is to use up as many of those “uglies” as possible. You know the ones… you’re scratching your head wondering what in the world possessed you to buy THAT fabric! They really don’t look all that bad when paired together with everything else, do they?

I did throw in a couple of fabrics that I love. But I’m not sure if I’m going to allow myself the pleasure of using them. We’ll see as the quilt progresses over the next year. I haven’t yet decided on a center block. Still mulling that over. I’ll let you know as soon as I decide.

I’ve decided that I want the overall theme to follow the colors in this photo of Notre Dame. I really think there needs to be more beiges and browns. But overall… not bad.

Anybody else out there wanting to join the quilt-along? Is there anybody that I’ve forgotten to list in the sidebar? Please let me know if I need to make any corrections.

§ 10 Responses to Start Your Sewing Machines

  • Jennifer says:

    Looking good, Anita! I also cannot wait to use some of my iffy fabric. I know they will look good when mixed in with a bunch of others. I made sure that I loved the fabrics in the center, and after that, a pinch here and there of the uglies will definitely give my quilt character.

    I noticed in the extra-large image you uploaded that many borders end up cutting off a block in the middle. Will you draft it to create exact edges? I am asking because I know how hard it is to add even one quilt border on “exactly”, since there is almost always some room that needs to be fudged. I am thinking that I will piece the border blocks/patterns as you instruct, and then see how the strip falls into place as it is attached to the previous border, with subsequent cut if necessary.

  • Lily Boot says:

    Yee-ha! I’m ready! Well almost – some new yellows are winging there way to Queensland as I type. But, I’m sure there’s plenty in the drawer that will suffice until then! Your fabric choices look very pretty – and what a nice idea, to represent the colours of a favourite photo. Oh – I’ve noticed in your side bar that there is no link for me – it is 🙂

  • janet clare says:

    oh heck! I’m nowhere near ready- but at least I can spend this evening rummaging through my stash and planning what to buy… hooray!

  • isabel says:

    I allready know what to do in the center block but didn’t choose the fabrics, anyway, to someone who “lives” on a fabric store, it’s not so hard…;)
    I plan to star my work this week and I can’t wait to see all of yours.

  • Anita says:

    To Jennifer & all who were wondering,

    I will try to make the blocks as exact as possible. Some blocks that are cut in half, as in the first border, I would like to keep that look. Other borders, such as the flying geese, will be easier if they aren’t cut off.

    In some cases, there may be an easier method to sew them together that is different than what it looks like in the original quilt, but the overall resulting effect will be the same. And I may decide to offer both methods as options and you can choose which is better for your level of experience. We’ll see.

    My goal is to make the sewing as painless as possible. 😉 And if you need to fudge… it’s perfectly acceptable to fudge! It seems like so many antique quilts fudged quite a bit.

  • amy says:

    Did someone say fudge? I love fudge! In all its many meanings. Very useful! I’m narrowing down my center block options although my 8YO suggested I put coffee cup blocks in the center. Mainly in green. Let’s face it, the kid knows me. I am struggling a little bit trying to focus my fabric choices. I would love to work from stash though. Whee!

  • pratima says:

    what a wonderful array of fabrics! Love your inspiraton pic. I’m also trying to use up whatever is in my stash. I purchased a bunch of vintage scraps a while ago, I’m using them along with others.
    I’m almost there with my center block, I’ll post the pics soon :o)

  • samm says:

    I had better clean up my sewing room pronto! The washer flooded and it seeped into that room, and everything is a mess. Not much damage, though, but things are topsy turvy drying out. Are we to decide our own centre block? I’m a “baby” quilter, but game to do this. Off to clear the room and get ready…

  • Emily says:

    Go quilters go!

  • Kim says:

    I just found your site today, but luckily, have several orphan blocks I can use for the center. My guild is starting a new round robin project in July, and several people will be participating for the first time, so I am referring them to this site for ideas for new borders. I will also be trying to only use my stash.

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