Am I Crazy?

April 29, 2008 § 17 Comments

While I’ve been working on making my Paris block exchange into a quilt the book Medallion Quilts has been my inspiration.

There is an antique medallion quilt featured in the book that I love so much! So, here’s my crazy idea. What about starting a quilt-along to make a quilt similar in flavor? Would anyone be interested in making this quilt along with me?

Here’s the idea:

~ Make any type of center block. I’m not that crazy about the one in the original. But I love the idea of all the borders. And some of them are so interesting.

~ Every month I would draw up the instructions to add a border or two to the center and post them on my blog.

~ Use whatever fabrics you want. We will post pictures every month of our progress.

~ Within a year we all would have a finished quilt. Well, more likely we’ll start in June or so. I haven’t even begun to calculate and figure out how to make this quilt yet. The book gives a finished dimension of 83″ x 88″. It’s definitely a bed quilt.

Who’s interested? Am I crazy? (ok, maybe don’t answer that question) It’s not like I need another project… but… maybe my advent garland could be delayed a year (I haven’t even started it yet, which makes me 4 months behind!).

§ 17 Responses to Am I Crazy?

  • Lil says:

    the idea is more than tempting, gosh, what shall I do, would I be as crazy as you

  • britt says:

    yes, you are crazy. the idea is awesome and if I were as skilled as you I would jump all over this, but I am not. So I will just watch from the sidelines if that is ok?

  • Tami says:

    I really like this one. It looks scrapish. Is it? Is this somthing that we can pick the fabric out as we go along? Let me get to work on my other quilt and see if I might get the top finished. I should be able to and then I might just like to do this one. The colors in this one remind me of the fall. Of course if I did do this one I may end up making it a bit bigger…queen size so I’d have to add more borders…then again wait! We have a new bed which requires the quilt to be tucked because of sides. Oh now you’ve gone and ruffled my feathers!

  • Jeannie says:

    Anita, medallion quilts are fun to make because you don’t get bored with making the same thing over and over again. I think the best book about medallion quilts is by Jinny Beyer, published in 1982. Check to see if you can get it from your library, it is a great resource! Again, thank you so much for drawing my name. I am so excited! Hope it is sunny over on your side of the state and you have a great day. Cheers.

  • samm says:

    I love this idea Anita! I have a pile of coordinating prints waiting to become a quilt. They’d likely do for this. And I’d likely actually make the thing! I love to sew the blocks etc., but the putting together is like a second sock…. I’ll join in if you want to do this. :O) Thanks! samm

  • Jennifer says:

    I have seen some great medallions floating around in the quilt blogs lately. This is a wonderful idea. I really think it is perfect for a monthly/year-long project, because it is something that you would want to put on a wall and think about, with each border that is added. I agree that this is a great quilt, and one more nice thing about it is that if someone got sidetracked or busy as time went on, you could still have a quilt top at pretty much any stage of the construction. So it is flexible, but with a goal in mind.

  • janet clare says:

    can’t believe I’m saying this, but YES! I will always find the time to sew even if it is at the crack of dawn or past midnight!
    And I definitely need that quilt!

  • Jane Weston says:

    That’s not a crazy idea…it’s a good one and I’d love to join in. It would be a good scrap busting project!

  • susan says:

    dare i say yes??? i love the idea of all the borders too. i have never done a full sized quilt (only doll quilts) and maybe if i go slow!!!
    question tho, how do you think its quilted? that seems like a lot of seams to me, no pun intended.

  • Jennifer says:

    Will you tell us the finished size of that first center section? I am thinking of doing some sort of star block instead. Have you decided what you want to put in your center?

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  • Beth in WI says:

    I’m in, with a twist. I have designed a quilt with a dramatic center panel, which I’ve been planning for about three years now. (It’s a copy of my in-laws’ Victorian fireplace.) I even have all the fabric but just haven’t started it. If I can follow along with the QAL timetable, maybe I’ll actually make it.

  • Dawn says:

    This is a great idea! I am going to join even though I have too many projects in process to even count. What’s one more (lol).

  • Judi S says:

    I hope it’s not too late to join the Medallion-quilt-along. What a great way to stash bust. The borders look like they’d be attractive in many different color ways.

  • Luvaminx says:

    Absolutely fantastic….if I wasn’t working desperately to finish this quilt I’m on (hand quiliting) by a deadline, I’d surely jump in….doesn’t mean I won’t later! Love the colors in yours ….great pattern….

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