Where Doth Your Inspiration Come?

April 23, 2008 § 3 Comments

Can you tell that I love Log Cabin quilts?  Someday I will make one for a bed.

Over the years I have collected magazine clippings of ideas and inspirations. Here are just a few in my quilting file. I also have a craft file, a home deco file, a knitting file and a clothing file.

These are rugs, but wouldn’t they be great as quilts?

I should put them in a notebook as some folks do, but I’ve been a bit lazy about that. What I really want to do is find a place to hang a bulletin board and pin up current inspirations. Or at the very least, rotate some of the clippings out of my file folders so that I can see them once in awhile.

There’s something about 2-color quilts…

But my sewing room (I can’t bring myself to call it a studio) is the smallest room in the house, barring the closets. I think I need a bigger, more organized room before it can be called a “studio”. Some of the madness behind my efforts in getting some of my UFO’s finished is that I need to paint my tiny little room, and organize it all for better efficiency… either that or just buy a bigger house.

§ 3 Responses to Where Doth Your Inspiration Come?

  • Tami says:

    Alas, remember that if you buy a bigger house you have more to clean…or at least more to dust.

  • gina says:

    All my photos are in notebooks aswell. I don’t just keep quilt photos but any thing that catches my eye.
    My sewing room is the smallest room in the house aswell. At the end of the year we’ll be turning the attic into a bedsit for my daughter so then I can have her 13ft x 12ft bedroom for my new sewing room. So much space to fill!

    love and hugs xxx

  • susan says:

    oh those log cabins were stunning! i am the same way, i have files for inspirations too. i agree tho, it is good to have them out to, you know inspire!
    i have a pic somewhere of a quilt/wall hanging that is all circles of felt. if i can find it i will send to you to drool over.

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