April 14, 2008 § 7 Comments

A little something I’ve been working on…

Quilted coverings for those cheap composition notebooks. I’m determined to use up some of my scraps. The scrap pile is growing out of control!

Use them as journals or sketchbooks. Keep track of ideas, shopping lists, or whatever!

I swear I’ve seen these notebooks with graph paper as well. But when I went to Staples today, they barely even had the usual notebooks. All I found was two puny little piles in the corner on a bottom shelf. When the back-to-school sales are on there are stacks and stacks in a variety of colors. Guess I’ll have to stock up next August.

§ 7 Responses to Scrapilicious

  • Caron Mosey says:

    Open the cover! I wanna see the inside! Those are GREAT, and if you buy a fabric covered one at Borders, you’ll pay big bucks, and it won’t be half as nice!

  • Tami says:

    I too would like to see the inside. I’ve been meaning to make a few but alas…I still sit here at the computer.

  • samm says:

    You’ve done a beautiful job with those scraps! I’d send you my scrap drawer full of bits if they’d turn into something so gorgeous! :o)

  • Secret Sock Pal says:

    Oh my GOODNESS those are beautiful!!!!! You know, people would totally buy those from you, if you ever could bear to part with them. Think of it as more stash-enhancing money! đŸ˜‰

  • susan says:

    i just love these. why cant the everyday things we use be pretty??? great idea and i love that you are using your scraps to make them

  • kathy says:

    These are adorable. I like how you added some contrasting fabric as a spine. I feel like my scrap bags are growing when I sleep at night.

  • Rene says:

    Can you do a tutorial on the themebook covers? I am trying to replicate yours but don’t sew very well.
    I love them!

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