On Color

March 13, 2008 § 2 Comments

I love this blue glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m almost feeling human again today. Thank goodness!

One of our stops in New York was to Shakespeare & Co. The original Shakespeare & Co. was not far from our hotel in Paris. I found this book, Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay, that was so intriguing I couldn’t leave without it. Listen to this introduction. This is why I had to get this book.

“It was a sunny afternoon that still sparkled after earlier rain when I first entered Chartres cathedral. I don’t remember the architecture, I don’t even have a fixed idea of the space I was in that day, but what I do remember is the sense of blue and red lights dancing on white stones. And I remember my father taking me by the hand and telling me that the stained glass had been created nearly eight hundred years ago, “and today we don’t know how to make that blue.” I was eight years old and his words knocked my explanation of the world into a tailspin.”

The author of the book delves into the history of where various colors have come from. I’m still on the first chapter, Ochre, but it has been so interesting even at the beginning. If the origin of colors interest you, you may find this book intriguing as well.

No segue what so ever…

One scrapbook for me

Look at these “scrapbooks” from Purl Patchwork. Also so very irresistible! They are small scraps from ends of bolts basted together to form a book, hence the name… scrapbooks. So cool! I know just what I want to do with mine. But you’ll have to wait and see.

One scrapbook to share

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