Memories of Grandma Emma

February 21, 2008 § 6 Comments

My Grandmother pieced together this quilt top while I was growing up. When I went to college my mother sent it to the Ladies Guild at church to have it hand quilted and I used it on my bed in the dorms.

The quilting stitches are coming undone.

And some of the fabrics are starting to wear.

So… I no longer use this quilt. But I love it because the fabrics are from clothing that my grandmother had made. She had rhuematoid arthritis as long as I can remember. In her later years she could no longer sew, but would crochet. My memories of her include house dresses, chocolate chip cookies and Kool-Aid.

§ 6 Responses to Memories of Grandma Emma

  • AWWW. I have one of those too…sort of. My first quilts I ever made were from scrap flannel that my Grandma had made all of her grandkids pj’s out of. I originally tied it and it’s coming apart. I’m toying with stippling it just to keep everything from falling apart further.

    What a sweet memory.

  • Cynde says:

    I, too, have lots of quilt squares, old linens, and various goodies from my grandmothers. The picture on your blog reminds me of mine. Such precious memories. I just look at mine and can’t bring myself to use. I should finish them & display them I guess. Enjoy your blog.

  • Peggy says:

    I have a quilt top my great grandmother made. My mother had it for years and then gave it to me, after pointing out special fabrics from outfits, skirts and baby blankets as well as many feed sack pieces. After discussing with my daughter the merits of leaving it as a top only so we could admire my great grandmothers’ hand stitching vs. completing it so it’ll last longer, I finally completed it a couple years ago. It’s a treasure, worn spots and all, just like yours! Aren’t we lucky?

  • cindratee says:

    I have a bunch of knitted afghans in the most God awful colors ever from my grandmother. They are so important to me… especially now that I am a knitter. Your quilt is beautiful.

    We all used to drink kool-aid all the time. Now they drink sodas. Sodas were a once a week drink.

  • Your May Sock Swap Pal says:

    When I’m no longer a ‘secret’ pal I’ll have to send you some pictures of the quilts that my grandmother & great grandmother hand (!) quilted for me. Carnations hand-stitched in all these lovely cross-stitch x’s against a white-on-white quilted background. STUNNING. Plus I’ve got a couple of so-beat-up quilts that it makes your beautiful Grandma Emma one look brand-new. Oh mine have painfully HUGE holes in them!

    Ah well – better for them to have been used & loved than stored away in a chest somewhere, right???

    One sock of yours has been knitted – one of the fastest & most exciting things EVER that I’ve done – and now I’m getting ready to cast on for the second.

    Bright yellow! Violently bright yellow!
    With pink & lime green & red polka dots!



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