Preserving Memories

February 12, 2008 § 2 Comments

My mother made this teddy bear from an old family quilt.

Updated: It was asked, “what pattern is this bear made from?” My mother says it is a DreamSpinners pattern, #118 …And the three bears by Great American Quilt Factory. The pattern is for 3 bears, 17″, 20″, and 24″.

Another question that comes up occasionally at the quilt shop is… “What should I do with this quilt I inherited from my grandmother?”

If the quilt is in pretty good condition, you may consider having it restored. If you feel so inclined, you could learn how to restore it yourself in a workshop through The Kirk Collection. If the thought of restoring a quilt yourself leaves you feeling overwhelmed, look for someone in your area that could restore it for you. Just remember to ask for references or samples to determine if you like their work.

If the quilt is beyond repair or simply not worth much in monetary value, there are many options besides displaying it on the spare bed or hanging it on a wall. I love all of these!

Photo courtesy of Robayre on Flickr.

Cut it up into pieces, frame the pieces and share them with family.

Photo courtesy of amanda bel on Flickr.

Make them into Christmas stockings and give one to each family member.

Photo courtesy of sunshinesyrie on Flickr.

Or… if you are so inclined, cover a sofa with it. I love this idea! But, sadly, I could never bring myself to upholster a piece of furniture with a beloved quilt. I could never bear to see it wear out.

Passage quilt by daintytime on Flickr.

And on a slightly different note, I love these passage quilts! If you have any clothes from a loved one that has passed on… they can be made into a quilt. I would have loved to have made a quilt made from my grandmother’s housedresses! But the dresses were long gone before I knew much about quilting.

I hope that sparks some ideas on what do with family treasures stored around the house. Part two of this thought will come later – what if it is just a quilt top and not a finished quilt? Well, stay tuned. We will talk about that too.

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