Easy-Peasy Quilting

February 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

Photo of my Nine-Patch quilt on Flickr.

Emily asked me to talked about good pattern choices for a first time quilter. The universal answer is… look for squares or rectangles and big pieces in the pattern. Delay making patterns with small pieces, triangles and complicated sewing until you have gained some confidence. And make your first few quilts small in size. Sometimes the large bed-sized quilts feel as if they go on forever! Don’t discourage yourself with an overwhelming task.

Photo of emmmylizzy’s quilt on Flickr.

Beyond that, it really depends on past sewing experience and how comfortable you are stepping into a new craft. Folks who have a history of sewing clothing usually have little trouble transitioning to quilting. Garment sewing is my background and I think quilting is easier. If you have very little garment making experience, then consider yourself a beginner and start with something simple. But… that is not always the case. Sometimes the obvious, even to someone with experience, can be elusive. And sometimes… someone with no experience finds they have a special gift at creating quilts.

Photo of jdy2222’s quilt on Flickr.

I can’t think of many things that are better than sleeping under a hand-made quilt. Equipped with some basic knowledge and little bit of practice, you too can be sleeping under a quilt made with your very own hands. Just remember this very important rule: done is better than perfect. Don’t worry about every seam, stitch and fabric being perfect. Enjoy the learning process and give yourself a pat on the back for every step of progress. Quilting is a hobby, not neurosurgery. There will be no quilting police here, making sure you do everything just so.

Photo of Hillary Lang’s quilt on Flickr.

I have heard that the following designers have patterns that are very beginner friendly (there may be more that I haven’t thought of):

Atkinson Designs
Quilt in a Day
Alex Anderson

I hope that gives you enough of an idea about where to start. There are so many, many more choices for patterns out there. Ask your local quilt shop to help you if you are uncertain. We would love to help you become as addicted to the craft of quilting as much as we are!

§ 3 Responses to Easy-Peasy Quilting

  • Emily says:

    Ooooh, I love the one with the white and then the million different fabrics (jdy2222’s I think). I could do that! And it looks really good too!


  • twolimeleaves says:

    Those are all lovely and all great beginners quilts. Good suggestions!

  • Those were such wonderful words of wisdom for beginning quilters. I sure wish someone had given me that kind advice – my first quilt was a very difficult sampler. It is still unfinished in a box somewhere.

    Someday I will have to get that quilt top back out and finish it….now that I have grown as a quilter.

    Thanks also for sharing the binding instructions- that is something I have never tried. That’s one of the great things about quilting and any creative endeavor – always something new to learn.

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