Yarn Delirium

January 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

I don’t know what it is going on, but I’ve been on a yarn binge lately.

First of all, not too long ago I cleaned up my sock yarn suitcase so that I could see all the different colors. Yes, I store my yarn in old suitcases. The cleaning of the yarn suitcases prompted the casting on of the Knee High Socks and another pair for Gary.

This once confused my husband. We used to store movie tapes and DVD’s in them. Then, when we got a cabinet for the TV, there was suddenly room to store the movies with the TV and not in the suitcases. Which led to the yarn coming out of my sewing room and into the suitcases. One day Gary was looking for a movie, opened the first suitcase… No movies, only yarn. He then opened the next suitcase. More yarn. Where oh where are the movies and where did all this yarn come from? I finally explained and he still teases me about all my yarn.

Then, my friend, Linda, and I have been scheming for months about making the Babette Afghan. We finally ordered some yarn before the Holidays. I think we may be ready to start crocheting now. It’s going to be our reason for getting together and sipping some coffee on a regular basis this year. We just don’t get enough time to sit around and chat and relax.

And, I finally found the gumption to dye Emily’s yarn from the Dish Rag Tag using this 1% dye recipe at Ask the Bellwether. I discovered 2 things. One, I don’t have all the right tools for dyeing yarn. Must. Go. Shopping. And, two, never leave the yarn tied in hanks as they come from the vendor. This particular yarn was tied with a different fiber that prevented the dye from penetrating all the way through. Lesson learned. But this little stint into dyeing has prompted me to order some more dye and some more yarn. Look out! I’m a Messy Marvin when I cook. I can imagine what the garage may look like after a day of dyeing.

Lastly, yesterday a couple of friends and I went on a yarn field trip to Churchmouse Yarns & Teas in Bainbridge Island. (Hi Kathy Mack! I thought of you while we were there. How lucky you are to live so nearby!) What a beautiful shop. And beautiful yarn! I nearly spent all of my Christmas money in one fell swoop. Even though we are packing up all of our Christmas decorations at home. And at the quilt shop we are all so tired of looking at the Christmas fabric. I was glad that Churchmouse still had their shop decked out in Christmas. I am most definitely going to make their Advent Garland of hats, mittens and socks for next year. It was all knit in Cascade Ecological Wool. So cute! But, alas, all I had with me was my less than adequate cell phone camera. Many apologies for this very lousy picture.

§ 3 Responses to Yarn Delirium

  • Teresa says:

    I adore how organized you are!! And all those beautiful yarns, I am jealous. I also really love the color of your wall! Beautiful!


  • Michelle says:

    Oh, Anita!
    We share a passion. I am a thrift store junkie, and I have those old suitcases all over my house! Mine are the old Samsonite, and I have the brown ones, green ones and the beautiful navy blue ones. In my case, though, I store fabric! I would probably be amazed if I started counting them. I also have some cosmetic suitcases that are just opened up, a doily hanging over the edge and greenery inside, or bears. I love them, and they hide so much! I also store accessories and parts to my quilting frame when it is not set up inside the small cosmetic cases too. They are so cheap to pick up and so much fun!

  • Emily says:

    I’m thinking about an advent garland of mittens (although adding socks and hats has tickled my fancy)! Thanks for the heads up about removing the yarn from those skeins – I’ve got one left to dye for myself.

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