144 Yo Yo’s Hanging on the Wall

November 15, 2007 § 7 Comments

Always late to the party, I just recently fell into the rabbit hole of Yo Yo’s. Last year everyone was doing it. Well, now that Clover has such a nifty tool to make it even easier to make a Yo Yo, I finally gave in and joined the party.

144 Yo Yo’s is approximately how many I need to make a 6-foot garland to hang somewhere around the house for Christmas. I have a lot more to go!

I’ve also decided that the winner of the Christmas Tree Skirt Drawing will get a Clover Yo Yo Maker. They are available in many sizes, but this one is the perfect size for Charm Packs. Winner will be announced tomorrow…

Here’s how it works:

1. Place your fabric face down onto the tool.
2. Line up a nob on the bottom half to the line on the top half and snap into place. This lines up the holes.
3. Trim fabric to 1/8-inch from the edge of the tool.
4. Make a Heather Bailey Knot in your thread. Pushing the raw edge of the fabric under, sew up through the right-side hole and down through the left-side hole. The thread will lay nicely in that open space.
5. Continue all the way around, stitching through the first pair of holes again. Snap the top-half out of the bottom-half.
6. Remove the fabric from the plastic disk. Pull thread to tighten and secure with a knot.

Viola! A completed Yo Yo. Tips…

* * I used hand quilting thread for extra strength.
* * The closer to the edge that you sew up and down, the smaller the center hole will be.

§ 7 Responses to 144 Yo Yo’s Hanging on the Wall

  • twolimeleaves says:

    I really do need to get one of those things! I LOVE yoyos and must have made thousands over the years! Your garland is going to be beautiful. Sometime soon I’ll post a pic of one I made this year.

  • Tami says:

    I too love the yoyo’s…I jumped on board for little projects here and there but really want to make a yoyo bed spread and table runner. I love how simple the tool looks. This would definitely make life more simple.

  • twolimeleaves says:

    I did it. I ordered one. Now I’m thinking I should get the little size as well…

  • Judi S says:

    Do you think this is something a 7 year-old could make? I’m looking for projects for my granddaughter and this might be a good one for her.

  • Julie says:

    Luv, love {heart} those little red yo-yos–great tutorial..thank you Julierose

  • geomauldin says:

    I have about all of the clover yo yo makers – luv them. I actually leave more fabric around the edge on the circles, especially the really large ones. It fills the yo yo a bit and they are more stable. I also go once more around after I have it gathered. It just makes the gather (and the hole) tighter.

  • craftimummy says:

    Oh I wondered whether I needed one of these! Now I’m convinced – thanks!

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