Thangles & Aunt Pauline

October 22, 2007 § 4 Comments

I know there has been a lot of knitting talk around here lately. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any quilting going on behind the scenes. Here is another UFO nearly finished.

The blocks were from a Thangles Buck-a-Block block of the month program from a couple of years ago. This is a good example of how you can take those ubiquitous blocks-of-the-month and add your own personality to it. They don’t have to be set in the boring sashed sampler style of quilt.

First of all, these blocks were small. They are only 7″ finished! Twelve of these would not make a very big quilt. And I like my quilts to be usable. Early on I decided that I would make two of every block. One in the prescribed color placement by the shop’s program.

And a second one in reverse.

When the year of blocks was over, I had 24 blocks and I set out to find an interesting way to put them all together. The original inspiration came from some Japanese quilt magazines that I have. They have a wonderful way of bringing organization and creative calm to a chaos of variety that I love.

Next, I drew all the blocks in Electric Quilt and started playing around with placement and measurements. I use EQ All. The. Time! With this layout I needed to make just one more block. EQ is not only great for playing around with the quilt design, but also in finding that one last block I needed to finish the quilt.

And finally, I started pulling fabrics from my stash to put it all together. I did have to buy a couple of fabrics. But I also used a fabric that was part of Aunt Pauline’s stash when she passed away. It’s the white background fabric with a tiny black floral print in the border.

My husband comes from a large family. And his father came from a large family. Aunt Pauline and and her husband,Uncle Joe, were 85 when both of them took a turn for the worse healthwise and both passed away within weeks of each other. Uncle Joe was my father-in-law’s brother who was said to have made moonshine back in Ohio in his younger days. He also kept bees at one time. He followed his brother out to Washington back in the 50’s. I’ll have to ask my husband about that time frame. Oh the stories my husband’s family can tell!

Update: It was Uncle Joe that headed out to Washington first in the 40’s and my father-in-law who followed in 1949. Thanks honey, for setting the record straight!

I like how this quilt pulls together a little bit of this (my unfinished blocks-of-the-month) and a little bit of that (Aunt Pauline’s stash) and can be passed on in the family where we can keep telling family stories.

Wanna see the quilt guts before it gets quilted?

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