Favorite Quilt Size

September 4, 2007 § 5 Comments

Today I was thinking about the types of quilts I like to make. I am one of those people who likes quilts to be use-able. I like snuggling under them. I like to lay on top of them. I like to feel them as well as look at them.

I don’t particularly like to make quilts to hang on the wall. And I don’t have a driving desire to make art quilts. And I should add… usually or most often. Those Initial Quilts I recently made for gifts do hang on the wall. And I think it would be fun to make doll quilts to hang on a wall. But generally, the threadwork, or texture driven, or too-stiff-to-lay-on-my-lap quilts are not for me. I admire those who make those kinds of quilts! But I do not feel driven to make them myself.

So… I’m curious, what’s the perfect sized quilt – in your opinion? When do you get turned off by the size of the quilt. Too small? Too large? I know there are lot’s of other things to consider. I’ve met people who have strong opinions about square quilts. That could be another survey. *grin*

Would you mind adding your opinion to this quick survey? (The survey will be available for 1 month) Favorite Quilt Size

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§ 5 Responses to Favorite Quilt Size

  • Christina says:

    I prefer baby quilt size……..but that’s only because I only have made two quilts (one baby quilt and one doll size)….and I am currently making another baby quilt. I think it’s just nice because they can be finished fairly quickly. The positive about doll quilt I guess would be you can use up scraps of fabric and also try out new/difficult techniques. I have a gorgeous book called “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolff and I think it would be amazing to try some of her techniques and incorporate into a quilt. Although I haven’t made big quilts yet; I totally am going to (as soon as I finish my master’s dissertation………10 more days!). I already have a lap quilt figured out with all thrifted/salvaged flowery fabric and another pique-nique quilt/blanket with some thrifted denim blue stiff linen that I will use as backing (those are my plans anyways:). Thanks for all the quilt inspiration.

    All the best,


  • Tami says:

    My ideal quilts would be lap size however the only quilts I have ever made (3) were all queen or king

  • alobsiger says:

    I most often make something in the twin size range. I do have a problem with square quilts, not small square quilts so much, but larger square quilts. They make me crazy, and I will only make a larger one when the design would be lost without it.

  • janet clare says:

    I hold a length of fabric/yarn in one hand, run the thread across my back and shoulders and down into my other hand and then put a bit on for luck. This will give the perfect ‘unique’ snuggle size for you.
    If you are making a gift for someone get them to do the same. Works for me!

  • Angie says:

    I think the perfect size is a Baby Tag-Along quilt 26 x 26 inches. here are my reasons 1. they are fun and fast (comparativley) to make! 2. they are perfect playmats when you baby is young enough and doesn’t move around yet 3. they fit nicely in the diaper bag. 4. they are just so dang cute!
    now oviously I like a nice big quilt for myself. a good size cuddle quilt is about 60 x 75 I find.

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