Tag! You’re It!

August 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

12:00 PM – The Dish Rag Tag box arrived today. The postal carrier was earlier than usual!

12:15 PM – What wonderful goodies inside. Thanks Jana! You were ambitious. I love the stitch markers! How did you know that I have been dying to own some?

12:30 PM – Everything was dropped. Pride & Prejudice was put in the DVD player. Knitting commenced.

2:30 PM – Dish Rag complete. Love the pooling of colors! It reminds me of food – chocolate, strawberries, smoothies, ice cream, something – and is making me hungry.

3:00 PM – Box taping, address label printing, driving to the post office. Box is off to Joan, who is blogless.

Edited on 8/13/07: With much arm twisting, Joan now has a blog. Yeah Joan!  Run on over and give her a “hello, and welcome to the world of blogging”.

Joan, if you are reading…

Stop reading.

Right now.

It should be a surpise.

Everyone else may continue.


Good, no answer. This is what’s going in the box, along with 2 other skeins of cotton yarn.

Local chocolate. Yum! But don’t try the curry flavor unless you really like curry. I mean really like curry. Not my favorite flavor. This is 65% cocoa dark chocolate with brittle nibs. Definitely much better than the curry. And a magnetic pen. Hang it on the fridge and you’ll always have a pen handy.

Thanks Team! That was fun.

§ 3 Responses to Tag! You’re It!

  • Tami says:

    What great fun this seams to be. I wanna get in on something like this next time!

  • joan debolt says:

    Oh how did you know PINK is my favorite color. The box arrived at 9:30 this morning and I knit the dishrag in the purple. Another favorite color. If you send me an email address I will send a picture of it and the way I sent it to the post office I think it will make you smile. I love the chocolate and will probably call that lunch. The pen is the best. I started knitting at the kitchen table which is a metal one with a glass top and the pen just clipped to the tabel now how cool is that. I sure wish I had a blog to show everyone how much fun this is. Perhaps I can at some point learn how to do that as well. This is a lot of technical stuff for an old grandmother.



  • rohanknitter says:

    Wow you knit a dishcloth in 2 hours!! Talk about a quick turnaround!
    I love your monkey socks.

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