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August 3, 2007 § 2 Comments

So, let’s talk about magazines. What are some of your favorites? I’m not a magazine junkie, but there are a couple that I go out of my way to acquire.


This is my favorite quilting magazine. Quiltmania is a French quilting magazine that now publishes issues in English. There are a lot of quilting magazines out there. This one always seems to inspire me the most.


Interweave Knits is my favorite knitting magazines. I bought my first one years ago before I knew much about knitting. And there are a lot more knitting magazines to choose from now than then. But this is the one that on average has the most knittable patterns for me. I’m not a Vogue Knitting kind of gal – which was THE magazine to buy when I did learn to knit. And I think I’m too old for the young hip ones, and too young for the older granny ones. So there you have it.


These are the most recent magazines sitting on my coffee table. I LOVE this issue of Interweave Knits. I think it just might be one of my favorites. The Quilter’s Home was an impulse buy solely for a couple of the headlines : “Curing Quilter Burnout” and “Quilting Myths Busted”. I haven’t read these articles yet, so I can’t say if my money was well spent or not. And the Artful Blogging purchase was due to a few bleeps about it on other blogs.

I am not an artful blogger and I could use some help. I’ve only skimmed it and it is truly inspiring. If you blog and have any interest in blogging, go hunt this magazine down. This quote by Juju Vail of Juju loves polka dots brought me a huge sigh of relief.

“A blog is like a personal sketchbook – it’s not a professionally finished artwork, its a place to experiment and learn.” – – Juju loves polka dots.

I never have really figured out this blogging thing.  I first started because the real-time factor was cool.  Then there have been waves of interest and non-interest.  But I love the idea of it being a personal sketchbook.  I have scraps of ideas floating all over the house. None are organized in one place.  This could be a new challenge for me and I kind of like it.

– – – – –

No segue what-so-ever…  Our new windows seem to require that they be painted and clothed in new window coverings.


And because the bedroom and living room windows look like this. And soon the kitchen and sewing room windows will too.

The quilt design wall needed a spruce and now looks like this (as in new and inspiring project). The result of a couple of hours cutting and sewing of those Westminster fabrics previously mentioned a couple of weeks earlier.

§ 2 Responses to Magazines & Windows & Walls

  • Camilla says:

    I love ‘Quiltmania’ too… it is hard to track down, and I’d like a bulk subscrition for the store. Do you know of anyone who has been successful in getting hold of the North American importer ?(based in Canada… can’t find the ONE issue I’ve been able to procure… gah.) Sold one of your patts today, along with about 6yds of ‘Belle’ fabrics, and the shop isn’t even ‘open’ yet. I have a feeling things will go well. And I agree about VK… not for me, but I jumped on Interweave Knits and have every issue since 2001, when I decided following patterns wouldn’t *kill* me. Love them… kinda miss the old format, but as long as they don’t “Mondragon” the thing (witness the destruction of Knitter’s mag the second he took over), I guess I’ll be okay… for now. And I’m embroiled in a wonky Kaffe ‘paperweight’ squares-don’t-care quilt, so I think your design wall is fab. Cami

  • Nancy says:

    Just found your blog … the old one actually, but I got here …

    Glad to see other Quiltmania readers. I just found it recently at Borders and love it. I love the different perspective and their coverage of quilt shows.

    I really like the quilt on your wall. I’ve got that floral print ready to cut for a skirt, but it’s very tempting to pair it with the shot cottons now (dysfunctional project management at its worst). I’m using those for a Kaffe teacup/bowl quilt now, but I’ve always loved the simple blocks like yours.

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