Twisting Tale of Lost Scissors & UFO’s

June 30, 2007 § 2 Comments

For several days I have been hunting for the Thread Conditioner that I know I had somewhere. While searching I found all these dreaded UFO’s that haunt me with guilt.

And thus begins the twisting tale of UFO’s, those dreaded UnFinished Projects, and a lost pair of scissors.

UFO sighting #1


This Crocheted Cushion was started oh, maybe, 10 years ago. Before we bought our house I was really into crocheted doilies, coasters and blanket trim. The project stalled when I couldn’t figure out how to connect the two sections. It still doesn’t make sense to me. But there is a wealth of information on the Internet now! (as compared to then) I’ll have to spend some time researching joining techniques.

UFO sighting #2


This Christmas Quilt was probably started about 9 years ago. After my crochet stint, I went on an embroidery stint. I still love the embroidery. But I am not wild about the green plaid squares inbetween. I think I might even attempt to finish the embroidery. But the green plaid fabric will most likely be replace with something else.

UFO sighting #3


This felt pincushion kit was acquired at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo a couple of years ago. And here is where the tale takes a Twisting Turn. I found my beloved Cheetah Print Scissors that had been lost for nearly a year. I had been searching for so long, thinking that either a) the cat found them an amusing toy and pushed them off into a trash can or b) they had fallen out of a project bag somewhere in their travels and had been lost forever. I finally bought another pair in January when they went on sale.

Now I have two. Let’s call them Duma #1 and Duma #2…

And I did finally find that elusive Thread Conditioner five minutes before leaving for work!

§ 2 Responses to Twisting Tale of Lost Scissors & UFO’s

  • Emily says:

    The donkey on the Christmas quilt is priceless.

  • janet clare says:

    Your UFO’s look quite modest compared to mine. A while ago I got them all out and thought about each one in turn – do I like it enough to finish it? etc…and the I gave evrything that I didn’t want to finish away. Guilt free, and only 3 UFO’s remaining!

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