Hoppin’ and Shoppin’

June 23, 2007 § 2 Comments

The Shop Hop Bus

I don’t know about where you live, but we have a gianormous Quilt Shop Hop here in Western Washington. This year there are 58 participating shops. It can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

Hankerchief LightIn all the years that I’ve worked in fabric retail, I have never actually done the Shop Hop. That is, until this year. I took the Shop Hop Bus. And I’m here to say, that the bus is the way to go! We certainly weren’t able to visit all 58 shops. But we did visit 13 and we had a great time.

Because we couldn’t spend a lot of time at each shop, we had to be very focused when shopping. Walk in the door, scan, beeline to what attracts you the most, purchase and move on to the next shop. Okay, well maybe not quite that quick. But no lingering, per se.

The best thing about the Shop Hop is that it’s a great way to see a variety of shops and then decide where you would like to visit again and slowly peruse instead of Identify, Divide, and Conquer.

Here are my spoils:

Shop Hop Fabric Acquisitions

Shop Hop Book Acquisitions

SocksThere are more spoils not shown here – a skein of sock yarn, a couple of Christmas decorations, a needlwork pattern, and the ubiquitous Shop Hop Blocks that every shop is required to give to each customer. I eventually gathered 3 more for a total of 16 blocks – the minimum amount to enter into the big Shop Hop Drawing. I think it will be a gift quilt someday. I wonder if I can finish it by Christmas?

And, the best part about the Shop Hop Bus… a fair amount of knitting can be done on the bus between shops!

Are there any Shop Hops in your region? Have you participated? What has been your experience?


§ 2 Responses to Hoppin’ and Shoppin’

  • janet clare says:

    I’d be surprised if there were 53 quilting shops in the whole UK! This sounds like a fun day out, and they gave you all blocks too?

  • Monica says:

    That sounds like fun. Do you quilt by hand or machine? My mom tried to teach me but i just couldn’t ever get the stitches uniform enough. The monkey fabric must be pretty popular, I have seen it on a few other blogs. Glad you are back.

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